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    Re: AJ Wins the Johnny Unitas Award

    Amen. I think he deserves the Heisman also.
  2. Question: Re: Did you have a certain feeling we were going to lose the Auburn game?

    Yes I had a feeling all week that we might be upset. We should not have lost the way we did though. We will get them next year.
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    Congratulations Tide Players and Coaches

    :BigA: RTR It was really great to see the Tide knock off the Domers. I was stationed in Germany when they won the two games in the 70's and this was a good payback.
  4. Re: all time d rank?

    Best I have seen since I began following the Tide in 1963,
  5. Re: Applaud the players and staff .

    Congratulations from someone who has been following the Tide since 1962. I appreciate the effort by the coaches and players on this team. Go on and win the Sugar Bowl and have a great recruiting...
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    Re: Joe Willie Press Conference - link

    Congratulations Joe. I have been a fan of the Tide and followed you throughout your pro career since the early 60's.
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