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  1. Re: The penalty on 74 for unsportsmanlike conduct was instigated by...Bret Bielema.

    Thanks TideMom, I knew someone more technologically proficient that I would be able to post it. I noticed it rewatching the game on Sunday. I thought it was suspect but gave him the benefit of the...
  2. Re: The penalty on 74 for unsportsmanlike conduct was instigated by...Bret Bielema.

    I saw another ridiculous thing he did during the first quarter. Drake catches the shallow crossing route with about 12 minutes left and ultimately runs out of bounds on the Arkansas sideline. ...
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    Re: Early Odds for Week 7 Games of Note

    That uga mizzou line is larger than I would've expected.

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  4. Question: Re: Will we use more speed rush D-Linemen against A&M

    That remains to be seen, I'm certainly hopeful that we will but the issue will be whether coach is comfortable putting him in on downs besides third. he played more against Arkansas but they allowed...
  5. Re: Georgia WR Mitchell explains what itís like to get trucked by Alabamaís Ragland

    I was at the game in enemy territory around some really nice uga fans. I didn't get overly emotional on any play except that one. This guy behind me said that's targeting. I turned to him and said...
  6. Re: "Oh Yeah!" on Eddie Jackson's Interception vs UGA

    If you listen right before he goes into the endzone you can hear someone scream noooo

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  7. Re: Georgia gets beat down by the big man--Bulldog take on the game

    Idk what it says about me but I absolutely love watching a punter get destroyed on a blocked punt. I remember a Clemson game a few years ago where the dude got hit about three different ways.
  8. Re: Unbelievable Defensive Stat (It's VERY Good)

    Me too. One of these games a tipped pass is going to turn into a pick six. I wouldn't mind if it was this weekend.

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  9. Link: Re: Auburn's QB Sean White has the " Brady factor".

    Bahahahahaha. This thread is awesome.

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    Re: Bama vs. Ole Miss PostGame thread...

    I was pleased with Jakes performance. He came in when everything was going sideways and got us back in it. We had to put the offense on his shoulders and he was able to answer and move the ball.
  11. Re: One of the most shocking stats I've seen: Alabama is last in FBS defending 3r...

    I think it is because we use the wrong personnel. If you look at the Arkansas game last year I think it is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. We stuffed them on 1st and 2nd down all night...
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    Re: Early Odds for Week 3 Games of Note

    4-6 weeks. Honestly though the backup would have unseated him with how he played in place of him.

    That clemson one seems highly tempting.

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  13. Link: Re: Check the box score from Middle Tennessee's 1st game , they won 70-14

    Is that all?

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    Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Good - Henry, drake, ol, Coker, and run d led by Mr Ragland. I just liked the way that we controlled the game, I never really felt at risk.

    Bad - special teams and their ability to pass on us. ...
  15. Game Thread Re: Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. Wisconsin...

    Such a great day. Excited to see the latest version of the Crimson Tide hit the field and start their journey.

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