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    Game Thread Re: LSU at Syracuse (ESPN)

    I just don't think LSU is that good outside of Fournette. He had great games against Miss St. and Auburn, but that seems to be all they have. I think they will look pretty pedestrian once they face...
  2. Re: I actually feel better about this Alabama team after the game

    The UGA game is an interesting matchup. They are almost a mirror image of us. They may be a little better on offense, but we are probably better on defense. The thing that gives me the most...
  3. Re: I actually feel better about this Alabama team after the game

    I agree with the original poster that a host of errors had to occur for us to lose the game. I also think Ole Miss is a very good football team and maybe the best team we will play all season. With...
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    Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. MTSU

    I think Kiffin's play calling today was designed to see how Coker would do at pushing the ball down the field. He did a pretty poor job of it overall. I also think Harris will see meaningful...
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    Question: Re: Anyone miss the Legion Field games?

    When I was a young kid in the 80's going to games at Legion Field, I might as well have been going to Fenway or Madison Square Garden. You knew it was a big game when it was in Birmingham. Some of...
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    Re: No Stars on This Team

    We don't have the household names like Ohio St does (Jones, Elliott, Miller, Barrett) but we have explosive players like Henry, Drake, Stewart and Foster on offense. Watching the OSU/Va Tech game...
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    Re: Is Texas becoming a laughing stock?

    I don't understand why they stick with Swoopes at QB. I hate to say this about college players because I know he's playing his heart out, but he is really awful. I've watched him play probably 4...
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    Re: ESPN is almost unwatchable now

    I truly believe that the Kanell, Galloway, etc. are there to give the appearance that ESPN is not too much in bed with the SEC. ESPN isn't dumb, they know that the SEC markets are their cowbells for...
  9. Re: An Honest Question About DB Play For Those Who KNow

    This was my take. Jones plays the ball and reads the receivers well. Fitzpatrick and Humphrey struggled with that some last night. Saban really got on Fitzpatrick for that PI in the endzone late...
  10. Re: Would still like to see Cooper Bateman get some reps.

    Coker had a much better first game than Sims did and didn't make any real costly mistakes. The 2nd sack was bad and the under-thrown pass was bad. Other than that, he looked pretty sharp and his...
  11. Re: NFL preseason depth charts: Where do Alabama's players stand?

    Looking at where our former players sit on the depth charts, I was most surprised by Dee Milliner at third string. I thought he was the most complete corner we've had during the Saban era.
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    Re: Random quarterback observation I just had

    We haven't had a quarterback miss a start since 2004 (knock on wood). Prior to 2004, you have to go back to I think 1996 to where the same quarterback (Kitchens) started every game of the season. ...
  13. Re: 5Dimes releases 2015 college football win totals for all 128 FBS teams

    I interpreted it as there is a high level of parity in the SEC (no team better than a 9.5 win total) versus very little parity in the Big 10 (3 teams with a 10 win total or more)
  14. Question: Re: Does anyone know how many different states Alabama has played a football game in?

    Who did we play in New York? Syracuse perhaps?
  15. Re: Pro Rules vs. College Rules on Catching a Pass (Dez Bryant and Dallas Cowboys)

    I thought it was a good call. I think part of the reason that made it so controversial is that it kept being disected in slow motion. From that perspective, it looks like a catch, a couple of steps...
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