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  1. Re: Is the month of September going to be a bad month?

    OK I'll bite...what is so special about September 24, 2015?
  2. News Article: Re: So ISIS Wants to Find out how we Roll...Attacks Anti-Islam Event in Texas

    Glad to hear you're ok cuda
  3. Re: I think we're in the midst of an unprecedented streak.

    True gamblers love "winning" and know the difference between "winning" and "winners" so to speak. The Alabama line's (over the last 2 decades or so) have normally always been inflated due to the...
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    Re: Bo Scarborough injured...might be ACL. NOT GOOD

    Alabama RB Bo Scarbrough already rehabbing repaired ACL
  5. Re: Alabama woman on the run in fatal 2004 DUI accident captured in Thailand

    More than likely she had various sources of income including help from family and boyfriend along with other friends/business partners/customers/etc. That's how she lived here so one could imagine it...
  6. Re: Alabama woman on the run in fatal 2004 DUI accident captured in Thailand

    Yes it will make a good book one day. Some believe she picked Thailand mainly due to her "skillset". Common perception is that Kelly was a "dancer" however "date for hire" would be more accurate. She...
  7. Alabama woman on the run in fatal 2004 DUI accident captured in Thailand
  8. Re: winter weather alert: The Sky is Falling!!!!!

    6"-8" here in Cullman. Still snowing

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    Re: Mel Tucker`s Technique With DB Coverage?

    Awesome idea.

    I went to youtube and searched for "Mel Tucker defensive backfield coverage techniques" and found the following:
  10. Re: ***ALABAMA LOI's Received Thread*** (communicate here on NSD)

    Let's get this started. RTR!

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  11. Re: Mark Richt given raise and two year extension.

  12. Re: That's it, if Nick Saban ever leaves, I want Gary Patterson at the Capstone

    Totally agree with JessN
  13. Re: It is up to Alabama and Auburn to defend the honor of the SEC West

    Delete thread. Ban user.

    As I have stated multiple times, I don't even pull for au when I bet on them...
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    Re: So Muschamp is in. Realistic expectations?

    I predict that the Legion of Boom will turn into the Legion of Gloom in about 2 seasons...
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    Re: 2014-2015 Coaching Carousel

    BREAKING NEWS! This just in...based on all the current HC openings along with the perceived amount of continued interest in Sumlin, aTm announced today that Sumlin's contract has been revised to...
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