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    Game Thread Re: Michigan vs. Notre Dame

    Now we'll have to hear Granny tell us that ND should move to #1, be a lock not only for a playoff spot, and their QB will win the Hypseman. * sigh *
  2. Thread: BYU at Texas

    by edwd58

    Game Thread Re: BYU at Texas

    I expected BYU might get them again, but not to that level.
  3. Re: Do you think Sims separated himself further today?

    If I were a player I'd tread carefully there and hope CNS and CLK don't take note of that. If CNS feels that they are playing that way, they'll find themselves standing next to him on the sideline. I...
  4. Re: Do you think Sims separated himself further today?

    The ultimate decisions rests in what type identity Coach wants for his offense. Sims looks good doing what he does well, but that isn't Coach's type of offense. Being at the game today I thought...
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    Re: The Good The Bad and The Ugly WVU

    Good: being at the game and not reading the gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands comments in the game thread.

    Bad: being at the game and hearing all the gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands...
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    Game Thread Re: Official PreGame Thread - Bama vs. WVU...

    So glad the season is here, it's been a long 8 months. Heading to ATL bright and early tomorrow - Roll Tide!
  7. Thread: aTm @ USC

    by edwd58

    Game Thread Re: aTm @ USC

    Wonder if Spurrier still thinks all that golf, and other non-football activities, he played this summer is still worth it. I hope he had fun then cause he sure didn't appear to have any tonight. Hate...
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    Re: Georgia Dome Questions for those who have been

    You guys are going to have to quit telling people to use the Holmes station stop on Marta or there will be no parking spots when we get there. Send them to College Park or some other station on the...
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    JessN: Re: Previews 2014: Alabama Crimson Tide

    Enough negativity in this thread to cover a couple of seasons. Lots of people conceding games - particularly LSU, in some cases multiple games. I know LSU has talent but they lost a ton from last...
  10. Re: In The New Playoff System: What will Happen First?

    The very first thing that will happen is that the best 4 teams will not be selected, that is going to happen. From your given scenario, I'll say that 2 SEC will get selected and the rest of the...
  11. Re: SIAP.."Mama Called" Bear Bryant Documentary Airs Tonight At 7 On PBS

    What a walk down memory lane! The Man's voice still gives me chills... so glad I grew up during his tenure at the Capstone.
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    Re: Open Practice Report from Crimson Cover

    Ridiculous or not, it is all I have to form/base an opinion upon. Not Sims fault, but not mine either. I'd like to see him in action at practice (wouldn't we all), or even hear of his exploits from...
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    Re: Open Practice Report from Crimson Cover

    I've seen B Sims play both in games and at A-Day. Granted there has never been a game on the line when he played, so we're not sure of his mettle, but his body of work thus far has been less than...
  14. Re: Jovon Robinson Leads NJCAA in Rushing

    Is that official news or just missing the word "yet" at then end?
  15. JessN: Re: 2014 Previews: preseason all-SEC team

    I was going to compare it to vodoo economics, but thought it too severe an insult to vodoo economics. The following is an old definition/description of NARCAS. It still feels like it's just somone's...
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