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  1. Link: Re: Alabama has exclusive rights to Cowboys Classic in 2019 or 2020

    A Friday game, not the best time slot for that weekend.
  2. Re: Visual Evidence that Auburn Cares More About Iron Bowls, Alabama About National T

    No need to put that in blue. :)
  3. Re: Alabama and FSU to open 2017 season in Atlanta

    I've been waiting for this rematch since 07...
  4. Link: Re: Alabama has exclusive rights to Cowboys Classic in 2019 or 2020

    You have to be big time in order to pull something like that off.
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    Re: Off-season news...

    My motto is "If Earle said it, you can take it to the bank."
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    Link: Re: New Toomer oak already dying...

    Thanks! I've been looking for this.
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    Re: Off-season news...

    Ruh roh raggy!!!!
  8. Link: Re: '15 SEC on CBS ~ Early schedule released

    This might be a two edged sword. Hoping for less Verne & Gary might mean our games aren't as coveted as they once were.
  9. Link: Re: Ole Miss' Peach Bowl PARTICIPATION rings

    Fixed it for ya....
  10. Re: LINK: All the problems the Big 12 has and THIS is what they address?

    Just when I thought the BigXII -2 couldn't get any dumber.
  11. News Article: Urban Meyer warned Bill Belichick about Aaron Hernandez

    Really Urban?
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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    Being born and raised in the big city of Brewton, Walter Lewis and Calvin Culliver were my favorite players...
  13. Re: LSU filing for bankruptcy? Looks likely!

    Some coach will find a way to use this against LSU on the recruiting trail.
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    Re: Am I missing the A-Day Game Thread?

    GMac lost me putting the barns QB as potential POY on offense.
  15. News Article: Re: Jameis Winston Civil Suit - Chickens Come Home

    I don't think Goddell will get involved in this one only because the DA didn't bring charges. She is suing, Winston will pay her to remain quiet as part of the settlement.
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