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    Re: Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

    Such a gentleman, but we ARE talking "just" kissing, right?:smile:
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    Re: Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

    Nope, he really was not physically equipped. I was really interested too, for a long time. I didn't know first hand why he wouldn't go farther because we never did, but you know how young women...
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    Re: Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

    I remember well. He was such a good kisser. I found out years later that was the only thing he was equipped to do. :eek:
  4. Re: What films are we looking forward to in 2014?

    Hubby and I went to see Lone Survivor. The theatre filed out in silence after the movie. I'd not seen that behavior since "The Passion of Christ" came out years ago. Very solemn. Very humbling. ...
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    Re: Children possessed by 200 demons

    Conversation with my child from yesteryear, he might have been 8 years old.

    Son: Mama, are there such things as ghosts?
    Mama: I don't know, I've never seen one.
    Son: Mama, are there such...
  6. Anyone concerned about the terror threats in Sochi for the Winter Olympics?

    One side of me says "the media is blowing it up" to get an audience for what has potential for a mediocre event. The other side of me says "the threats are real, and a lot of folks are in danger." ...
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    Re: The Blacklist

    James Spader is one of my very favorite actors and this is one of my very favorite shows. He's got this role down to a "T." I still haven't figured out hubby tho....time will tell......
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    Re: Why do we hate Lane Kiffin again?

    My question is this, is it possible to do a global search and replace on TF forums with a touch of a button? Gah....we've called our new OC a host of names on here, me included, and now I'm skeered...
  9. Re: Family secrets you never knew as a kid but found out as an adult.

    ​I'm not telling where the body is hidden!
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    Re: Anyone a Stepparent?

    I am and my husband is.

    From my view: It ticks me off when we get thank you cards addressed to Mr. Happytidefan thanking him for gifts that Mrs. Happytidefan chose and bought and sent to Mr....
  11. Re: If you or someone you know suffers from depression. PLEASE don't ignore it.

    I too have suffered with depression silently off and on for years. Just recently it was my husband who saw me struggling and sent me to the doctor, counseling. I was in a dark place, unable to put...
  12. Re: Anyone here had Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion? (ALIF)?

    Thank you so much BamaPokerplayer! Very helpful information, encouraging! I'm on my way out the door now going to him - surgery in the morning!
  13. Re: Supposedly there is a Trent Richardson orgy tape...

    It is so odd to see a bunch a men saying the first thought that crossed this woman's mind. "He had me at Roll Tide!"
  14. Re: Anyone here had Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion? (ALIF)?

    Here's some history: Jason, my son, had a piece of glass weighing 125 lbs fall on his head from three stories above him. This was three years ago. The doctors marvel, we all do, that he was not...
  15. Re: Question re: Auburn Game & Experience w/Their Fans on Their Campus?

    Been twice and never had a problem. Generalizing, here, most of the older adults are kind. The younger adults can be a "little boastful" maybe even taunting, but not vandals. It's the the younger,...
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