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  1. Link: Re: Carolina Panthers' Move Robert Lester from Practice Squad to Active Roster

    That is fantastic news! RTR
  2. Re: Vlachos Back at Alabama as a Graduate Assistant

    Vlachos will make a great coach!
  3. Re: My 2013 BCS Title Game Highlight Video *HD*

    Absolutely tremendous! RTR
  4. Link: Re: SN: Father of Manti Te'o urges people to not read hometown newspaper

    Sip I love reading your are extremely correct. RTR
  5. Re: Nike introduces uniform system for BCS game

    I do think the helmets might be matte...but the uniform does look good.RTR.
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    Re: Championship caps for winner of BCSNCG
  7. Re: Richard Todd talks about first two Notre Dame games and much more

    Richard Todd is why I am an Alabama fan. I lived across the street from him in Mobile, AL and he used to throw passes to me and my older brother (we were 8 and 9). When he went to Alabama, I became a...
  8. Link: Re: Barrett Jones leaving a lasting legacy at Alabama

    Thanks...that was a great article. RTR.
  9. Re: Barrett Jones wins the 23rd William V. Campbell Trophy!

    I thought the same thing. :)
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    Re: CBS biased against Bama?

    Very nice post...I agree with it. RTR.
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    Re: Georgia fans taking it hard again...

    Ha ha ...CT you are way too funny! RTR.
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    Re: Jesse Williams Appreciation Thread

    Thanks Jesse!!!!
  13. Re: Atlanta radio host and former UGA QB Buck Belue: "Barrett Jones overrated"

    Against good competition...he comes up short.
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    Re: OK, Heisman candidates...

    I like this Heisman commercial:
  15. Re: Alabama Crimson Tide ends the Regular Season #1 in total defense.

    I just want to beat Georgia! RTR.
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