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    Re: So this Johnny Manziel photo...

    Talented and entitled?
  2. Link: Re: Offseason BUZZ from the Capstone: What we are hearing

    Well, when it comes to *u, I wish he (CNS) would get over that. *u needs to be scored on by every facet of our beloved Tide. Each and every time Bama touches the ball they should try and score a TD....
  3. Re: Ex-Auburn TE Phillip Lutzenkirchen Died in Car Crash

    Sad to hear. There's nothing I like better than to beat that *u butt...but this is above and beyond that. To anyone that loves Football, and appreciates great players, this is a loss for all....
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    Re: Alvin Kamara Signs With Tennessee

    I don't wish anything bad on the guy...that being said, it won't hurt my feelings any if he flops...big time. Maybe he's looking for a different kind of 'process'. He can definitely get that in...
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    Link: Re: New Playoff Committee bias

    BINGO! You nailed it! Make way for expansion to 8 teams just to appease everyone. Sometimes I just get really fed up with those that want to make it 'fair' instead of using just good 'ole common...
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    Re: Pic Of AJ In New Uniform

    She has to be feeling a lot better about the situation now. She's back with a 'Tiger' and part of his team's colors are Orange. So, for an *u Grad, she's finally away from the awful Crimson and...
  7. Re: SEC allows artificial noisemakers at games

    Well about a device that sounds like a herd of thundering elephants?

    I wouldn't mind hearing that once the game is well in hand. Or maybe as a supplement
    to 'Rammer Jammer'.

  8. Link: Re: "Alabama desperate for 12th game in 2015, will 'take anybody'"

    My vote would go to the Deadskins.
  9. Re: Saban Says He Doesn't Want to Play FCS Opponents

    It means something like this...if he were an outhouse, he would need to be relocated.
  10. Re: Saban Says He Doesn't Want to Play FCS Opponents

    There's always Troy and S. Ala. Unless I'm mistaken they're no longer FCS. Or does the thought of improbably losing to a lesser in-State rival preclude scheduling such an event (Bama plays the barn...
  11. Re: Valuing ($$$) college quarterbacks to their programs. AJ gets dissed again.

    The main thing that would silence these 'disses' is for AJ to produce in the next level. Produce, and there will be a vast reduction in crows in America as they will have been eaten. This would...
  12. News Article: Re: USA Today on FSU's handling of Winston and his problems off field...

    (From the link)
    "This sad story of the enablement, entitlement and abandonment of Winston has its authors: former FSU president Eric Barron, now at Penn State; interim president Garnett Stokes;...
  13. Re: Pat White: "Still Glad I Turned Down A 'vette [From Alabama] To Become A Mountain

    Right, and when I was a Junior in High School Bama offered me a Maserati and some oceanfront property in Utah but I'm glad I dropped out and joined the Navy instead.

    His assertion deserves an LEL...
  14. News Article: Re: Interesting article on Jameis - sort of points up some of the problems...

  15. Re: Jameis Winston arrested for shoplifting crab legs at Publix

    I will never complain about missing this one. As much as I thought I wanted to have him in Crimson and White...he might eventually wind up in Orange.
    And that would not fare well for Bama at all....
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