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  1. Re: Appears Jarran Reed is Going Pro

    Good one...made me LOL at work.
  2. Re: Eddie Lacy rumbles for 100 yards in first NFL playoff game

    Simply breathing the dry cold air can trigger an asthma attack. It happened to me and my son one year in Atlanta just walking one block. It has to be especially hard on Eddie trying to run in it.
  3. Link: Re: Patriots' Trick Play That Got John Harbaugh Mad &That's Similar To Bama's Trick

    Who is the ref supposed to tell if the captain is not in the game for that play?
  4. Link: Re: Patriots' Trick Play That Got John Harbaugh Mad &That's Similar To Bama's Trick

    This was discussed in detail on the NFL Network after the game. The player told the ref that he was ineligible and the ref then told the defense that this guy is ineligible. What more is the ref...
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    Re: Blake Sims Invited to the Senior Bowl

    I can't help but wonder how much more he would have progressed if he had been with CLK more than one year. He appears the only OC that we've had that knew how to use Blake's talents. Hopefully, the...
  6. Re: Tim Tebow's reaction to Bama being behind

    I have noticed the same thing myself. The only time that it is mentioned the Rece is an alum is by Granny after Rece rules against him on the Final Verdict.

    it seems as if it must be in the...
  7. Re: Contrary to the belief, the sky is not falling!!!

    I agree. We did win SEC title #24. Today, I am very proud of this team, some of our fans-not so much.
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    Re: A bit ashamed and a lot disgusted....

    I also turned the TV off, got off of the computer and read a book after the game. I am so glad that I did because some of the stuff that I see on message forums and twitter this morning is just...
  9. Re: Proud of the team and the effort they gave all year thread.

    Was I disappointed with the outcome of the game last night? Yes. But I also remember in August that everyone accepted that this would be a "rebuilding" year. So, I understand and appreciate how...
  10. Re: OT: Newest Tapatalk update is HORRIBLE

    I agree 100%. I don't know whose bright idea this was but they need to put it back like it was.

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  11. Link: Re: Oh Lord! The Bourbon St. story I didn't want to hear...

    Not me. I would rather them each what they like and are used to than to eat some rich spicy dish that upsets their stomachs. This way no chance of dehydration and less likely to cramp.. Besides...
  12. Re: Fourteen Bama players will receive degrees on Saturday

    While they do have some benefits in the way of help, tutoring alone will only get you so far. I don't how see anyone could say that the players don't have to take difficult classes. Unless I'm...
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    Re: Heisman Finalist Deserving

    I don't recall anyone saying that Blake had a better year than Mariota. They both have their teams in the playoffs. I love Coop and appreciate his greatness as much as anyone but why do people tend...
  14. Re: Blake Sims should have been a Heisman Trophy finalist

    We all know that Mariota will win but Blake should have been invited. This is the first time in a long time that they only invited three. If the Honey Badger was able to go then Blake should have...
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    Re: CFP Selection Show watch thread

    Shaun Alexander proposed a system that made a lot more sense to me than an 8 team playoff. Take the top 6 ranked teams. The 1st and 2nd teams get a bye. Teams 4-6 play "wild card" type games. The...
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