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  1. Re: Say Something Nice About USC...? (We haven't done one of these in a while)

    My freshman year roomie transferred out there rt before I transferred home to Bama. Both of us transferred to a school whose team we had rooted for growing up, so both of us were very happy! He's a...
  2. Re: 26 Years Ago: Stevie Ray Vaughan Dies, And The World Is Suddenly A Much Darker Pl

    I saw him @ NOLA JazzFest just a few months earlier. Incredible show! He walked out, hit a note or 2, waved at the crowd, & then launched into "House is Rockin'" Within about 3 seconds, he had us...
  3. Re: Khizr Khan's Deep Ties to Clinton Foundation, Saudi Arabia, Immigration and more.

    I've been there since the VP candidates were announced. <sigh>

    I've tried to ponder a presidential election with 2 less desirable major party candidates squaring off against each other. My...
  4. Re: Netflix Docuseries on East Mississippi CC "Last Chance U" Trailer

    My pa-in-law played there ~1949-50. He was on the team that went active duty when the Korean conflict broke out. 95 players went active duty! (There's a monument to them on campus with their names...
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    Question: Re: Anyone been to The Grove at Ole Miss?

    Thx, CA. I've been multiple times, both when they played my Tide and when they played someone else. mrs. exiled & I enjoy it, though it is crowded. (We're going to the UM-UGA game this year,...
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    Re: How much do you guys pay for a hair cut?

    Nothing. I get mine cut for free. However, I usually tip quite a bit. My stylist is my daughter, who works at a high-end hair place near where mrs. exiled & I live. I'm hacked though; every time...
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    Re: Loudest Concert You Have Ever Been To?

    Van Halen in Birmingham's Civic Ctr in the early 1980s for me.
  8. Re: Alabama woman videos self touching snake - It goes about as well as expected

    Looks like the dreaded copper-mouthed cobrattler mamba to me. They're bad news. :biggrin:
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    Re: What did you give up for Lent?

    I gave up eating boiled rutabagas.
    (OK, I gave that up ~45-50 years ago, & not for Lent. But I've kept my streak intact & without blemish ever since. :biggrin2:)
  10. News Article: Re: Pat Dye reminisces about Bear Bryant saying Dye would be next Alabama coach

    Pat Dye...Didn't he used to be coach at Wyoming or somewhere out west? Whatever became of that guy?
  11. Re: Kyle Allen transferring

    <puts hand over phone> "Kristi, shut. up!"
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    Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly SECCG...

    Well, at least good ol' Vance Lundberg & Jerry Donaldson did their usual good job calling the game.
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    Question: Re: Should Muschump be reprimanded?

    Muschamp, Muschamp...hmm...Didn't he used to be a head coach somewhere? Whatever became of that guy?
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    Re: Re-watching the 2012 SECCG...

    Well, to be fair, Auburn could've put up 60 against them that year.
  15. Re: CFN:SEC Championship: Alabama vs. Florida Game Preview, Prediction

    I dunno, folks. I saw a couple of points on a friend's Facebook page Saturday night (he's a loyal UF grad from the days of Pope Urban & St. Tim): "You're next, Bama...LOL" and "Who knows; maybe we...
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