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    Link: Re: Jameis Winston suspended 1st half vs Clemson

    The way the NFL is handling current off the field issues (Domestic / child abuse) I'll bet they can't wait for Jameis. They may need to hire an additional PR firm to keep him out of the media.
  2. Re: Anyone know if game has been bumped to a different channel b/c of race?

  3. Re: Anyone know if game has been bumped to a different channel b/c of race?

    Alabama gonna start on ESPN 3. We got more redneck runnin to do ...where's Heidi
  4. Poll: Re: Which is the best Bama vs southern miss memory

    This game was played the Saturday before I went to UAB Hospital for some serious surgery...I kinda remember the surgery, but I can't forget their QB...Kid named Favre.
  5. Re: CFB Live-"Alabama is the most overrated team in the country."

    Speaking of we get to see Brian Greasy a lot this year...or did he retire when WVA lost?
  6. Re: What does it mean when people say "we must learn to "STOP" the HUNH offenses"?

    Here's what I would like to see changed in the next game (if it only takes "a few little things to clean up" I'll be very happy):
    - No more "deer in the headlight" faces when there is a close-up of...
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    Game Thread Re: Official PreGame Thread - Bama vs. WVU...

    Goooood Morning ALABAMA!! (best Robin Williams voice)

    Game Day at last...Game Face on and ​ROLL TIDE!
  8. Re: We've Got Ourselves a Kicker Guys

    Thanks for the post, Mack. I always enjoy your "take" on things "BAMA". QB controversy aside, its good to hear Adam Griffith had a good day. I remember looking at his highlights and youtube videos...
  9. Link: Re: ESPN views a post-Alabama Saban as a top prospect for its CFB coverage

    Yeah. I could tell, the way Coach Saban talked to the media, that he really wanted to be one of them.
  10. Thread: Bama Chrome

    by Bamaboda1

    Re: Bama Chrome

    I've only been a Bama fan for 67 years. I LOVE IT! You are obviously raising your son right.
  11. Link: Re: Spurrier concerned about "too much" access by SEC Network

    Spurrier thinks TV is getting too close.....naaah.
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    Re: QB battle dividing the team?

    Fishing trip
  13. Re: Alabama might implement 2-quarterback system in 2014

    Just why would Coach Saban stand in front of the media and "rule out" anything? I bet he doesn't hand out copies of the playbook and a depth chart either.:rolleye2:
  14. Re: Ex-Auburn TE Phillip Lutzenkirchen Died in Car Crash

    Very sad news. He was always one of those guys you wanted to beat, because down deep you held him in such high regard. Class, clutch player and gentleman. RIP Phillip.
  15. Link: Re: How Michigan's Greed Alienated Fans: A Cautionary Tale For All College Football

    Good article. I particularly enjoyed teh "Go Blue" What about it?
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