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  1. Link: Re: Number Crunch: An In-Depth Look at Amari Cooper's Record-Breaking Pace

    Another way to look at it is Kiffen may be playing a lot of his offense close to the vest until he actually needs it. I hope he has more in his playbook than "pass it to Cooper". While Florida is...
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    Re: Who All Is Going To The Florida Game?

    Going with my father - member CrimsonPaul. Campus is a lot different than the last time he came to a game.
  3. Link: View Post

    Damn... forget everything I said earlier. Mea culpa.
  4. Link: View Post

    I haven't read this entire thread, so I'll just tell y'all what I know (which isn't much). Justin's family is from Tuscaloosa, and there are a few of his friends in my men's group at church. They...
  5. Re: Help me get a day off by coming up with a name for the new UA alumni database

    Some really good ones in here. Keep the recommendations coming!

    I'm not sure when they'll decide, but I'll let you know.
  6. Help me get a day off by coming up with a name for the new UA alumni database

    UA is hiring a new company to help them manage their alumni database. The current system is called Millennium. They're having a contest to name the new system, and I think they'd like it to be more...
  7. Question: Re: Just for fun: pick your favorite player in this class and why
  8. Re: If FSU beats DUKE, will you still root for Ohio State to lose to MSU?

    That sounds a lot like sour grapes, but I understand it. I want Ohio State to lose regardless of which SEC team goes to the NC because UA will get a financial winfall.
  9. Re: If FSU beats DUKE, will you still root for Ohio State to lose to MSU?

    Yes, because FSU will win. If Ohio State loses, an SEC team will play for the NC.
  10. The Crimson White apologizes for comic strip after Iron Bowl loss

    This is embarrassing. Not because The Crimson White printed the strip, but because they allowed themselves to be coerced into apologizing for it.
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    Question: Re: Why does awbarn think we don't have a chance?

    Notre Dame had some destiny last year. It just wasn't the kind they wanted.
  12. Re: So you see another team rising up to Dynasty level?

    I think Clemson might have a better shot than Texas A&M.
  13. Re: Final Verdict:Lou Holtz and Mark debate if AJ. McCarron is the most valuable pla

    If Lou had framed his argument as McCarron being the most under-valued player in CFB, he would have won the decision. If AJ doesn't get picked in the first round, someone is getting a bargain.
  14. Link: Re: US Capitol on lockdown. Shots being fired. One or more officers down.

    Well, it looks likes she's dead now. So she avoids jail time, ObamaCare, and can now vote in Chicago.
  15. Re: Thoughts on UA Sororities And The Black Rushee

    Well, they had a anti-discrimination protest rally on campus this morning because of all this. They had to rope off all the parking spaces to allow for the protest, including the handicap spots. I...
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