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  1. Re: Where the four finalists get their players

    "Surrounding the globe...."
  2. Re: Where the four finalists get their players

    Bigger than huge. Good point. Possibly the best punter we've ever had.
  3. Re: Ardarius Stewart's availability for the playoffs?

    He was indeed ahead of Coop, and for the life of me, I don't understand why he isn't playing more. Every time he's had a chance he's come through, he's explosive as all get out, and he has NFL...
  4. Re: If we beat Ohio State, who do you want to see us play?

    I don't really have a preference but I believe it will almost certainly be Oregon. And, if FSU comes out sleep walking like they have most of the season it will be ugly early and uglier later....
  5. Re: Michigan taking another run at Harbaugh - $48M!

    I think he's a great coach personally but he does tend to rub people wrong. Still, for 8 million a year, I'd think he'd need at least one championship of some kind on his resume for me to hire him.
  6. Re: Where the four finalists get their players

    The only one that surprises me a bit is Ohio State. I knew Ohio had good high school football but my goodness, I didn't think the percentage would be that high.
    As far as Bama, yes, we have 27...
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    Re: Tom Roberts' Replacement

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    Link: Re: The Curious Case of Rolando McClain

    That's the best article I've ever read in Bleacher Report. Awesome. Thanks!
  9. Re: Michigan taking another run at Harbaugh - $48M!

    Plus, I wonder, with his personality, how well he'd do in convincing Mama's to let their sons play for him.
    Michigan has officially reached desperation stage. They need a great coach and nobody...
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    Re: The Day After: Alabama vs. WSU

    I think this is the best team CAG has had at Bama. Hopefully the team will continue to improve.
    The key, to me, is to pull one of these nail biters out so our confidence can grow.
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    Re: AJ vs Johnny again?

    Dalton is the Bengals Quarterback. A.J. isn't even on the planet as far as playing for them. I don't know where all this speculation is coming from.
    They didn't give Dalton a multi-million dollar...
  12. Re: Why oh why is Amari not the front runner for the Heisman?

    Wide receivers have one route to run. QB's have four or five decisions to make on most plays. So yes, Amari makes a good point. I'll say this, I've never seen a better receiver in college. Amari...
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    Re: Don't say Bear? Educate me please

    I think Coach Bryant, were he alive today, wouldn't hesitate to tell anyone who would listen that his nickname gave him an aura of toughness and discipline that players admired and did their best to...
  14. Re: Why oh why is Amari not the front runner for the Heisman?

    Amari said in an interview that because the QB has so much responsibility on every play that he feels, "Marcus deserves the award". Amari's just class personified.
  15. Re: Rick Neuheisel on Oregon and the Playoff scenario

    I agree, and that's if FSU brings their A game. If the Noles show up after halftime like they've consistently done this year it could be 58-17. Won't be close.
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