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  1. Link: Re: USC's Jackson Wants to Shadow Alabama's Ridley in Opener

    DVR at home and watch it on a Smart Phone.
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    Re: Alabama at SEC Media Days Today (7/13)

    Great looking bunch of guys. Our guys are clean cut, and fit as a fiddle. No thugs.
  3. Re: How would you grade Trey DePriests career at Bama?

    Trey was a solid player. I never thought of him as a star, but, as someone who usually got the job done. I can't blame Trey for the loss to Ohio State. It was a team let down.
  4. Re: What Have You Learned Watching College Football in the Last Few Years?

    I think back to the Coach Bryant statement...
    'I can beat yours with mine, or I can beat mine with yours'.

    It's all about the coaching. We have the best of the best. #1 Head Coach and best...
  5. Question: Re: From a Clemson fan- "Do y'all think Dabo is the real deal?"

    Dabo is a little Rah Rah for my taste. BUT... He is a good coach. I can't hold the Dubois connection against him. We have all had to work with who was there... Since the 60s I have watched...
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    Blog: Re: Latest Bama News 7/5/2016 Thru 7/7/2016

    They could put Joe back, but have him wearing a blindfold... I can't get past Joe looking the otherway and not reporting his 'Chicken Hawk' buddy.
  7. Re: "LSU's Botched Recruitment of Tim Williams"

    Coaches don't always 'Connect' with a player when they visit. Years ago Coach Bobby Bowden told a story about visiting a recruit. It seems that while Coach Bowden was talking to the recruits Dad in...
  8. Re: 5-7 teams going to the back of the bowl selection

    Years ago when a 6 win season was established as the threshold for a bowl invite, teams played less games.
    Now days it's like receiving a PARTICIPATION TROPHY...
  9. Re: 2016 Season QB Thread (Moved QB Posts from Practice Thread)

    Those are the guys I've pegged as #1 and #2. I haven't been impressed with #3 or #4.
  10. Re: 5-7 teams going to the back of the bowl selection

    I fail to see an upside to inviting any 5-7 team to any bowl. We truly have too many bowls when they have to resort to 'LOSERS' to fill slots.
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    Re: Duron Carter Ejected from CFL Game

    What a dumb ..... move. Was he always this dumb, or is this something new?
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    Re: Can Charlie Strong save his job?

    Charlie Strong has underscored why Texas made the strong run at Coach Saban. Texas settled...
  13. Re: 2016 Season QB Thread (Moved QB Posts from Practice Thread)

    I don't see Cornwell in the top two, maybe not in the top three. Until he impresses Coach Saban and Coach Kiffin he's on the outside looking in...He may transfer after it becomes painfully obvious...
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    Blog: Re: Latest Bama News 6/27/2016 Thru 6/30/2016

    Too many bowls if they have to resort to teams with a loosing record.
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    Re: Favorite Underdog Win for Bama

    Beating Miami in 92 has always been a fond memory to me. Miami did their heavy Trash Talk, and we left with the Championship. Outstanding game.
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