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  1. Re: Oliver Luck Leaving West Virginia to Join NCAA Staff

    I actually think Mack Brown would be an excellent choice. He's been successful in multiple conferences, he's won a championship so he knows what a championship team needs, and he's far enough removed...
  2. Re: Julio Jones and Amari Cooper are both leaders in receiving yardage!!

    Interesting mock draft from CBS sports. They actually have Coop all the way down at 11 to the Vikings. I don't think he falls that far, but the team doesn't seem to be a terrible fit.

    They also...
  3. Re: Julio Jones and Amari Cooper are both leaders in receiving yardage!!

    It's always possible. Really just depends on where the draft order falls. I don't see a team taking a receiver in the top 3.

    I think the Jets would be a likely candidate to take him, but if they...
  4. Re: Julio Jones and Amari Cooper are both leaders in receiving yardage!!

    I can certainly understand where you are coming from, especially being a falcons fan. I felt the same way when Hightower was drafted by the Patriots.

    I would just hate to see Amari have a wasted...
  5. Re: Julio Jones and Amari Cooper are both leaders in receiving yardage!!

    I don't really care where Amari goes, so long as it's a place that will give him the best chance of success. I would hate to see him go to Oakland or NYJets simply because he would be one of the few...
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    Re: New to the board - Gators fan - McElwain

    Welcome G8R! Always nice to have some good outside perspectives on the board, so I hope you enjoy your stay! Coach Mac will be a great fit in Gainesville, and it wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't...
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    Re: AJ vs Johnny again?

    No chance. AJ was recently cleared to come off of the injured reserve list, but there has been no news about him starting. There is no way the Bengals wouldn't bench their healthy, veteran...
  8. Re: Why oh why is Amarinot the front runner for the Heisman?

    Mariota has had a solid career overall. He has put up eye popping numbers, and he's done it without the benefit of playing in most 4th quarters. It was Mariota's to lose going into the season, and he...
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    Re: Marlon Humphrey Talks Redshirt Season

    I love the spirit from Marlon. He probably could have gone multiple places and played right away, but he is keeping his eye on the bigger picture. It's great to see someone as young and talented as...
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    Re: Lifetime fan , new member

    Welcome aboard, man! Enjoy your stay
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    Re: RB Damien Harris Updates

    That's an easy one. Lol direct from Elizabethtown, and the greatest #37 to ever play at the capstone.
  12. Re: Oregon State hires Gary Anderson from Wisconsin

    According to reports, he and Alvarez got along perfectly well. Admittedly, I don't know Andersons background. However, one article I read mentioned he wanted to go back west and wasn't happy in...
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    Re: Buckeye Fan Here

    Welcome to both of you! Hopefully you enjoy stay here on Tidefans. I'm greatly looking forward to this matchup, and it's one that I think many Bama fans have looked forward to for a long time. (Much...
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    Re: "We Want Bama" - A challenge

    It's been done before. I believe someone at a Jacksonville game actually did this a couple of years ago when this first became big. I've also seen it done at college basketball games as well.
  15. Re: Son's first trip to Bryant-Denny Stadium next year. Need help.

    As far as hotel goes, I personally prefer to stay in Hoover. Even for a game like that, TTown hotels are ungodly expensive even for 1 star motels. Hoover is a little under an hour away, it's an easy...
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