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  1. Link: Re: Hmm... Discussions about eliminating kickoffs...

    Take away the losses to Ole Miss, and we probably don't gain the maturity/chemistry to win the SECCG and get to the playoffs like we did the last 2 years. Saban even said as much, that those kinds of...
  2. Re: Yahoo: NCAA to formally charge Ole Miss with rules violations (UPDATE: NOA Releas
  3. Re: Spring Practice Thread (Interviews, Press Conferences, Practice Reports)

    he looked no worse (or better) than any of the qb's at the scrimmage today. he has a shot to play this year.
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    Re: Cancel Spring Game: the new fad

    Hell, i'm 50 years old and 6'2" 265. I could do that for one play. I certainly wouldn't be scared of any 21 year old kid.
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    Re: Cancel Spring Game: the new fad

    I agree that the spring game is not the best use of our team's time. Think about this - the NCAA limits how many days and how many hours that coaches get to spend working with the players to help...
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    Re: Kevin Turner Passed

    We lost a good person today, and way too soon. I only met Kevin a few times at gatherings with mutual friends, and he was always gracious with his time. I know his kids went through a rough time...
  7. Re: In First Two Practices, Rashaan Evans has Impressed in Spring Experiment

    He reminds me of another small (weight-wise) inside backer we had, who was quick as a cat. Reminded me of a lion stalking and then suddenly pouncing on prey. Saleem Rasheed.
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    Re: Sang Lyda Passed away today

    Sang was one of my dad's buddies. He'll be missed.......
  9. Re: Looking for 2 to LSU B'ball game this Saturday

    The problem with this type situation - all the games are sold out but half the people never show - is because half the basketball season ticket holders are tide pride members who only buy these...
  10. Re: Mercer Announces It will Play Alabama in 2017 and 2021

    If this is true, that we're playing Mercer in football, what a disgrace. Can we ever get to the point where all of our non-conference games are against teams that are nationally known and respected?...
  11. Re: Evan Mathis is going to the Super Bowl

    He's also Bob Baumhower's nephew. His mother Debbie Mathis is Bob's sister.
  12. Re: Pick one team to remove from the SEC and one to add

    Get rid of Auburn. They drag down the conference with their scandalous program. Never on the up-and-up. Add FSU in east and move Mizzou to the west to replace Auburn.
  13. Link: Re: Clemson OG on Bama's D: “I don’t think they’ve really been tested running the bal

    Death Valley. Appropriately named. Where championship dreams come to die.......
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    Re: "Should I Stay or Should I Go, Now?"

    One word: Jumbo flat screen TV, cold beer, good friends, clean bathroom - no line no wait. Been to too many games myself, and have no desire anymore since the invention of the man-cave.
  15. Link: Re: Nick Saban might be the greatest college coach of all-time.

    While i give Coach Saban much credit, which he is due, he also is fortunate to be here at Alabama. There are a lot of variables around the Alabama program that make it a better environment to win...
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