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    Re: LSU's Mike the Tiger has cancer

    Hate to hear this. The hawg's name is Tusk by the way.

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    Re: Update on TIDE-HSV

    Roll Tide good sir

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  3. Link: Re: Vote for Henry: Cap One Impact Performance

    Voted RTR

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  4. Re: ****Bama vs. Mizzou - Pregame Thread****

    Looking forward to making them update the pregame video! RTR!

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  5. Link: Re: Dee Hart arrested for possession of marijuana and giving false information

    The SDS article on this....I like how the writer turns the table on us in the updated statement indicating Dee no longer being with the team. Somehow its Bama's fault that he reported incorrectly....
  6. Re: Additional thought on defending the HUNH...

    food for thought:

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    Re: ****Bama vs. OU PreGame Thread****

    Roll Tide ROLL!
  8. Re: CBS Sports network to Air 10 Best SEC on CBS Games of all time

    Sad thing is...when you are at the top, and you get beat, you instantly become someone's game of the year. Therefore, a lot of the recent classics and/or top plays of the year are players/teams...
  9. Link: Re: Kevin Sumlin Gets New 6 Year, $30 Million Contract

    FIFY :biggrin:
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    News Article: Re: SEC Bowl Projections

    ​We should give thanks to the bowl tie ins...
  11. Re: Gus now fully delusional - thinks Marshall should be in Heisman contention

    This would be the first time we were used as a springboard for a Heisman campaign
  12. Link: Re: Alabama Kicker Cade Foster Is Getting Threatened And Harassed On Twitter

    80,148 now!
  13. Link: Re: AJ one of 3 Finalists for Davey O'Brien Award Vote link

    ballot has been cast RTR
  14. Question: Re: Is everybody going to stay the entire game tomorrow??

    Only from before opening kick off to after final whistle regardless of weather!
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    Re: First post - new member here!

    Welcome! and Roll Tide!
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