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  1. Poll: Re: Who do you hate more?Auburn or tennessee?

    Auburn by far, not even close.
  2. Link: Re: Aggie's AD cracks joke about "controlling the Tide".

    "What do the moons of Jupiter and Alabama have in common? They all have three rings. See, planetary metaphors are easy."
  3. Re: "Beat Bama" posted in Auburn meeting room

    hahahahahahahahhaahah! I needed a good laugh today.
  4. Alabama offers younger brother of former Arkansas TE Chris Gragg
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    Way Too Early 2013 Bama predictions

    Ok, so looking at the schedule I must admit the second game worries me a little bit. Not looking past the Hokies but A&M on the road could present some problems. Other than that who else on our...
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    Re: Preseason SEC Rankings

    SEC wins: I can see the Barn beating Tennessee, Arkansas, and maybe Mississippi State...
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    Re: Preseason SEC Rankings

    The gus bus will be flashy this year to symbolize his return to Auburn, but 28 points per game is hilarious. I do expect them to pull out a win due to a trick play of sorts..
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    Re: Tre Williams to commit on Wednesday

    Crystal Ball says Auburn 100%
  9. Re: Les Miles is tired of playing Florida every year

    We don't get enough credit for that year. I did enjoy the beat down of Mich. St. at the end of the season though.
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    Re: Espn e-60

    He deserves his success at the next level. Seems like a great kid and should do well with his agressive running style in the NFL. Good luck Eddie!
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Auburn

    I could see Auburn going after a starter to hurt Bama's chances down the road... Wouldn't put it past them at all, and it would only cost them a 15 yard penalty.
  12. Re: Faster tempo offense question. Causing confusion?

    Agreed. Bama's defense has been exposed to this type approach, look for UGA to use it against us. Murray not as good as Johnny football but still good and very capable of making big plays in big...
  13. Re: Pick the Score: Alabama vs. Western Carolina

    I believe the T A&M loss will spark the team and we will come back strong. Keep the faith!
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    Bama vs UGA for SEC Championship

    ASSUMING we beat Auburn in the Iron Bowl, we will make it to Atlanta. From there, how do we fare against Georgia? Aaron Murray could have played Auburn blindfolded and Gurley is not girly at all. On...
  15. Re: Pick the Score: Alabama vs. Western Carolina

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