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  1. Re: DNC Convention: Upheaval, threats, and everything Clinton

    These delegates speaking sounds like they've been drinking out of the punch bowl that got spiked..Makes me cringe trying to understand what the hell they're saying..LOL
  2. Re: Great Tweet about Bo Scarborough - Retweeted by Retin Obasahan

    It's going to be fun watching this coming seasons offense evolve as the season goes on, with the sheer amount of talent we have at the skill positions, we will have the most true "Multiple Offense"...
  3. Re: Walk-On Florida LB Stops Sexual Assault Outside of Gainesville Bar

    Well done Cristian..Being a Dad of two beautiful young Baby Girls, I know I won't be there at all times, to protect them both when evil comes their way..It makes me sleep better at night knowing...
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    Re: One Hell of a Day!!

    Miss Rammer Jammer
  5. Link: Re: Alabama can literally field a 5* defense if they want...

    Our D has the potential to be the best D ever fielded at Bama with each passing year of "The Process"..It's an awesome time for us Bama Fans & to the chagrin of the rest of college football..This...
  6. Re: Yahoo: NCAA to formally charge Ole Miss with rules violations (UPDATE: NOA Releas

    LOL..I wonder if that Ole miss defender ever found his jock strap he left on the field trying to tackle TR..
  7. Re: **** 2017 4* QB Tua Tagovailoa Commits to Alabama ****

    Here's a video of all of Tua's passes at The Opening..He's got a cannon of an arm & such a compact release..

    Here's The Link..CLICK ME
  8. Re: JK Scott could end up the best punter since.......just sayin

    It was fun watching Ray Guy punt the ball back in the day..Another punter that could boom some punts was Reggie Roby..Reggie when he got all his foot into a punt..He punted the ball higher & longer...
  9. Link: Re: Mean Nick Saban Asking Alabama HS Coaches to Help Out WV Teams After Floods

    Coach Saban is one of the best & most giving Ambassadors of The University Of Alabama we've ever had to grace The Capstone..

    The "Saban Hate" based on how he left Miami is unfair & unjust to the...
  10. Re: What Have You Learned Watching College Football in the Last Few Years?

    I've come to realize every team we play, they all play Bama just a tad bit harder, than they do against other schools they play, plus, it's always amazing watching QB's we play against become Tom...
  11. Question: Re: From a Clemson fan- "Do y'all think Dabo is the real deal?"

    I agree with ya 100% my friend..We as Bama Fans knows all too well to get into the NC Game, you have to have a few bounces or calls like the North Carolina go your way to get ya there, it's part of...
  12. Re: Breaking News: Penn State Will Remove Joe Paterno Statue

    Make the Paterno statue periodically rotate so it's always looking the other way..It would be the best way to represent what he did that allowed innocent kids to be raped & hurt under his watch at...
  13. Question: Re: From a Clemson fan- "Do y'all think Dabo is the real deal?"

    I'm not sure how I feel about Dabo, one thing is clear, he gets as much out of his Boy's, as any one HC in college football does or I think he does..Clemson had less talent than we did in the NC Game...
  14. Re: Netflix Docuseries on East Mississippi CC "Last Chance U" Trailer

    Thanks for the link & will have to watch this cause it looks like it will be a great way to combat to football offseason blues..Community College's serves a great purpose for players that for...
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    Re: One way to ruin College Football

    No matter what college football does to try to please everyone when it comes to crowning its NC..Someone will say this or that would be a better way like the person that wrote this article..We're...
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