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  1. Re: ****Official Postgame Thread - Bama vs. UF****

    Could be that Coach Battle woke up this morning wondering what Nolan Richardson's up to these days...
  2. Re: ****Official Postgame Thread - Bama vs. UF****

    To quote Dandy Don Meredith, with what's gotta be the coda for Grant's coaching shelf-life at 'Bama, "S̶h̶o̶o̶t̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶ Turn out the lights, the party's over..."
  3. Re: Former Alabama Punter Cody Mandell Signs with Green Bay packers

    Agreed - toughest position in the league to step into and be successful at for a first-year man.

    Think also that the writer is setting a higher bar for Ha Ha because he sees the potential bursting...
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    Re: Where Things Stand -- January 26, 2015

    Barring the sudden surfacing of a hot TE prospect named Howard Cross, Jr., come on, Tyrone, roll with the Tide! Lovin' them NFL legacies.
  5. Re: ****Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. UF****

    Yeah, if Grant doesn't seize this opportunity to cast off his "Who's Your Daddy Eddie Munster" Donovan albatross, he may never get another such opportunity...this ripe for the picking.
  6. Re: Former Alabama Punter Cody Mandell Signs with Green Bay packers

    Usually the opposite in Green Bay, under GM Ted Thompson - especially if you substitute "I've seen late-round drafted players" that almost always make the team after outperforming veterans. With the...
  7. Re: Former Alabama Punter Cody Mandell Signs with Green Bay packers

    That's 'cause Mastay the punter went from team defensive MVP with his inside-the-15 punts to squib dribbler under the "tutelage" of GB special teams' "coach" (guarded use of the word) Shawn Slocum.
  8. Re: ****Official Post-Game Thread - Bama vs. Hogs****

    In retrospect, his tenure has a Shula analogy written all over it. Grant has restored Alabama basketball to respectability, he has integrity, he's an upstanding individual - just cannot coach in the...
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    Re: ESPN sues Notre Dame over Police records

    Maybe Prince Shembo's imaginary ankle bracelet interfered with electronic transmission...
  10. News Article: Re: Blake Sims Opens Up About Tears, Hugs After Sugar Bowl and How It Fuels NFL Dream

    Dream scenario: Sixth round, to the Packers, as Randall Cobb (whom GB may lose to free agency) hybrid - but can run and throw better. Not to mention run the read option.
  11. Question: Re: Whatever happened to Marcel Dareus' brother

    So is his name Demerius Dareus? I mean, that's got funk-rap fusion artist written all over it for a future career in music.
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    Re: Mark Ingram makes 2015 Pro Bowl

    Pretty sure he's a Pro Bowler of a human being, too - especially as relates to things 'Bama. Congratulations to Mark Ingram!
  13. Re: Eddie and Ha Ha Have Already Made an Impact in Today's Game

    Catfish, can only hope you ain't a Packer owner, too, ' 'cause then we'd both stand to be stripped of our ownership shares for impugning the good name of the worst NFL personnel (AJ Hoax) in my...
  14. Re: Eddie and Ha Ha Have Already Made an Impact in Today's Game

    Appreciate the support, but it's often best when the truth hurts to address it head-on (or helmet-to-helmet even risking a concussion to get over your depression). As a Packers fan for 50-plus years...
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    Poll: Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball

    Finally "pushed my fingers upcourt" and voted for change of coaches. The tipping point wasn't Kentucky's obliterating 'Bama, but the Grant MO at work during the game. You want to say something pithy...
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