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    Re: Jon Stewart Returns!

    I am more of a hal jordan fan myself.
  2. Re: Mexican Prez threatens to call home all Mexicans in US if Trump wins

    Is the Mexican.president trying to help get trump elected? If he is, mission successful.
  3. Re: Woman quits job to breast feed her boyfriend

    Parent's basement.
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    Re: The Saga of Ole Miss LT Laremy Tunsil

    I put it here because he can was arguing about it in regards to tunsil on northsidebaseball but an ole miss fan is now pretty much accusing Bama of giving Henry what appears to be a car (Charger?)...
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    Re: Off season topic: Bring back the tie!

    Why not get rid of wins and losses altogether?
  6. Re: Bruce Jenner To Pose Nekkid For Sports Illustrated

    oh gawd, the humanity. Did Hilary Clinton turned them down first?
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    Re: Gaspard and Staff should be fired

    the football and gymnastic teams compete for championships, the golf and the softball teams are not just competitive they too compete for championships. The basketball program is trying to make an...
  8. Re: 2016 NFL Draft Thread (April 28, 29, and 30)

    Closest I can think of was the arky trio (McFadden, jones and hillis) in 2008 and that was two first rd picks and a 7th rder.
  9. Re: 2016 NFL Draft Thread (April 28, 29, and 30)

    The last player drafted from Bama to play for the Bears was I believe mark Anderson. Been a while since Bama was represented in Chicago.
  10. Re: 2016 NFL Draft Thread (April 28, 29, and 30)

    Smirking at both buffalo and Tennessee for drafting a Bama and a Clemson players. Something funny about that.
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    Link: Re: Skip Bayless Leaving ESPN

    Praise whatever god you believe in. He can go to fox sports for all i care, but since I don't watch fox sports at all, he joins Colin cowherd in the "out of sight,mount of mind" category. Just wish...
  12. Re: Pre-Draft Discussion (Combine, Mock Drafts, Analysis, etc...)

    TIL that Derrick Henry should not be drafted because nick Saban breaks running backs. Saints didn't know what to do with Ingram for years, lacy ft lazy, and Richardson went to the one organization he...
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    Re: Former wrestler Chyna has died

    She was a part of it, just don't think she has that big of a part. I will give her credit, in an era in which in which WWE seems to embraced violence against women, Chyna physically held her own...
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    Re: Report: Prince Dead at 57

    I always though he was a better "talent" than Michael despite Michael's name. It's a shame both are gone.

    Frey, Lemmy, Merle, RIckman, Bowie, come on now, ease up 2016.

    RIP Prince. :frown:
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    Re: Alabama vs Cowherd, Klatt, and Travis

    As Stewie Griffin once said, "If you are going to hit the king, you better kill the king". All three chuckle heads should have to tuscaloosa, and apologize, very publicly, to the football team, for...
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