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    Re: Lou Holtz 'Waterboy' imitation (joke)

    Gives a whole new meaning to coach speak lol
  2. News Article: Re: The Senior Bowl practices are proving what we already knew about Norwood!

    He looked pretty good yesterday they tried throwing some deep balls to him several times but I don't think the timing was right on a couple and over thrown a time or two but if they got it close he...
  3. Re: New Discussion Thread on Possible Coaching Changes...

    Wimp woulda worn that jacket and won!
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    JessN: Re: Sources say Saban, Bama are close on contract

    Color me bothered now ....
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    Re: longhorns keep on insisting.....

    I suppose it will always be a possibility and there will almost always assuredly be talk of CNS going somewhere when a well known school is in search of a Head Coach, but I do tend to believe Coach...
  6. Game Thread Re: Oregon (With Pink Helmets..LOL) - Washington St

  7. Game Thread What channel is it on .. On directv? Can't find...

    What channel is it on .. On directv? Can't find anything but Oregon state and cal
  8. Re: Sources: Deloss Dodds Announcing Retirement Tomorrow - (Texas AD)

    whats that sound?.. ahhh it's the last nail going into Mack Browns coffin.
  9. Re: If Jack Del Rio goes to USC, do you think Jake might follow?

    Hrmm it would be intriguing to a young man to be yelled at by his father 24/7 I suppose.
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    Re: Early Lines for Week 6 Games of Interest

    We might cover on this .. may work out our offensive angst on Georgia State
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    Re: We have one good backup center

    They say you don't lose you're job to injury, but if it opens up to a player performing better than the injured player it does. He looked great tonight.
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    Re: Pick the Score: Ole Miss vs. Alabama

    42-17 Bama ... not buying the hype from a team who's quality win is a terrible Texas and struggled against vandy and a tighter score against a creme puff than Bama.

    Bama gets things righted and...
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    Re: CBS Supposed expert make their picks....

    They have the straight up picks as well .. Bama across the board
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    Re: Early Lines for Week 5 Games of Interest

    UCF is not far out from being in the top 25, still USCe should be favored by a wider margin I would think .....and surely they forgot the 0 that should follow the 3 in the A&M line.
  15. Re: Yeldon suspended for first half this weekend

    Not to mention the clemson player the cold cocked and knocked the NC player out with an upper cut .. he was ejected though.
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