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    Here is another one " We are gonna drill...

    Here is another one " We are gonna drill tennessee like an enraged wild boar". Pregame 1986 Doug Layton
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    Re: run the football

    I dont see the logic. They are lining 5-7 guys on the LOS and basically standing up, bull rushing the O line, time wasnt an issue and we had run the ball well all night. I am at odds with the play...
  3. Re: An observation about Auburn fans and the Alabama/Auburn relationship.

    Number one Its a college football game. Many of our greatest victories have been against overwhelming odds and or perceived superior competition. It's what college football is all about. The ball is...
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    Re: Thank You Seniors

    What a ride. Thank you!
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    Re: ****Bama vs. AU PreGame Thread****

    Roll Tide Roll. Kill the warchickens!
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    Re: Paul Finebaum Show 11/26/13

    On a related subject, Finebaum being nationwide now can't help recruiting. Some of the callers make me consider taking an alternate route when I head south.Some of those calls are incredible for the...
  7. Thread: Vandy @ ut

    by dabamafan

    Game Thread Re: Vandy @ ut

    Life is good. Go Vandy. Nothing ever sux like a big o............
  8. Re: Eli Gold calling the Michigan State v Michigan game

    I just heard him on 94.9 in Nashville. He is just good!I will say he calls Alabama games a little bit differently and I mean that in a good way.
  9. Re: Tennessee vs Alabama (Edit: UT fan's perspective)

    I will go with the 1990 game and Stacy Harrison's block of the fg attempt with his face mask.I was in the it student section and almost got punched out after Phillip Doyle's kick sailed thru on the...
  10. Re: ****Official PreGame Thread - Bama vs. Notre Dame in the BCSCG****

    I'd rather show up with our guys than theirs. Roll Tide Roll.
  11. Well, our D could cause 4 turnovers and score...

    Well, our D could cause 4 turnovers and score each time causing our offense to just drive continuously to the 49 then punt down inside the five eating clock protecting our 28 pt lead. Pardon the run...
  12. JessN: Re: BCS preview: Alabama fighting both the Irish and history

    Man! Ever considered a career in politics? I'd vote for you. Have been waiting for your post and as always,was worth the wait. RTR
  13. Re: Anyone else keep checking the board for the breakdown from Jess?

    My ADHD has flared up bigtime. I need my fix.
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    Re: Two point conversion HUGE

    They were certainly pounding it on the ground at that point in the game. The fact the UGA kept finding themselves down four or up only three was sweet for BAMA.
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    Two point conversion HUGE

    Going for two and converting was big. I cannot recall a two pt play that early in a game paying such big dividends.
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