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  1. News Article: Keaton Anderson Ready to Hit the Field

    One of our local kids who will sign Feb. 4th. Sounds like he's up to it. Smart, willing to work, eager to contribute. You've chosen wisely, Keaton. RTR

  2. Re: K.J. Hill Decommits

    Looks like a paid site.
  3. Re: 2016 Prospect DE/TE Prince Tega (Edgewood Academy)

    Ha. All 6'10" of him. Played on '79 team.
  4. Re: Letter from Landon Collins to the University, coaches and fans

    Landon was clearly referring to this one:
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    Re: Fun JK Scott statistic

    Ray's career average at USM was 44.7 ypk, which is the NCAA record (for those who punted up to 249 times in career). At JK's current clip he will pass Ray and become NCAA's all-time leader. I was at...
  6. Re: Dismissed UGA football player to take official visit to Alabama

    Not that it matters much, but out of curiosity I wonder who contacted who first in this situation to get the ball rolling.
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    Re: RB Damien Harris Updates

    Attrition at RB has been hard the last few years. Any more, it doesn't bother me a bit to load up on them. Another poster said it: a couple of injuries back there and we could get thin in a hurry.
  8. Re: Alabama's Defensive Statistics 1961-2014

    One of my favorite teams.
  9. Re: January 3, 2007: A Day That Will Live In College Football History

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    Re: Good luck tonight!

    Thanks. Hope we don't have to rely on luck tonight to beat these guys.
  11. Re: ****Official Pregame Thread - Bama vs. OSU****

    Laissez les bon temps Rouler, Tide!!
  12. Link: Re: USA Today Article: The meaning behind 'We Want Bama'

    Earle, our church sings it from time to time and you can just feel the U. of Auburn folks cringe just a little when we get to that phrase. Love it. :p_green:
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    Re: Ex-Players as Assistant Coaches

    Correct, previous to USA.
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    Re: Ex-Players as Assistant Coaches

    Pro football. He's on staff with the AZ Cards.
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    Ex-Players as Assistant Coaches

    Saw Will Friend's name a while ago as being on staff as an assistant coach at UGA. Got me thinking about who else we have out there on staff at the college level. Here's what I dug up. Chip in if you...
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