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  1. Link: Re: FSU RB Dalvin Cook Under Investigation for Battery

    You can already see him attempting to distinguish the two situations by saying video taped vs alleged.

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  2. Re: What Changes Should We Expect from the Alabama Offense in 2015?

    I think kiffin likes to build his offense around a star player more than most do. Last year it was cooper, this year I expect it to be henry and drake. They are talented veterans who can be relied...
  3. Link: Re: High School Coach Explains Why Ronnie Harrison Was "Under-Ranked" as a Recruit

    Hear only good things about this guy, hope he does well. For those that know his game more, what former bama safety does he remind you of?

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  4. Link: Re: Nick Saban: UA Needs 'Players Who Want to Buy In'

    I knew jk Scott was gonna be great after the first time coach saban was asked about him. His reaction said it all.

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  5. Link: Re: Stewart Mandel: Why We All Might be Underrating Alabama and Nick Saban

    Enjoyed the article. We are obviously not going to be a dog to anyone, it'll be about making those critical plays in the big games. All of our championship runs have had good fortune. Some of the...
  6. Re: Alabama and FSU to open 2017 season in Atlanta

    Huge machup. I love starting the year with a quality opponent. Big recruiting area and against a big recruiting rival, the winner of this game will be in a great position.

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  7. Re: The attrition at running back continues: Desherrius Flowers is ineligible this fa

    I'm feeling positive so I'll say that all this attrition will force us to feed Henry and drake which will lead to two 1,000+ yard 10+ td type seasons. They of course don't get hurt all season.

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    Re: DeAndrew White with 49ers

    Glad to hear. He had flashes at bama the injuries just held him back. Wish we could have seen he and coop full strength.

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    Re: How Bama Makes Them Quit.

    Texas am quit in the first half. The Derrick Henry screen pass was silly. That was dominant much like the 2010 season capital one against mich st. Another really good one was Arkansas 2011. Dre...
  10. Re: Top juco OT Charles Baldwin commits to Alabama

    The article states he is gonna enroll early, I hope that happens as planned.
  11. Re: How many games will we win in 2015? your picks...

    Instead of tiffin we have jk Scott. Will we have an arenas factor at return man? Our defense should be outstanding if the dbs improve. We will need the ability to get the tough yards in the run game...
  12. *** JUCO OT Charles Baldwin Commits to Alabama ***

    Roll tide. Big pickup.
  13. Re: Which Tide player made the biggest impression on you as a physical specimen?

    I remember seeing this picture in an espn article about him and being really excited. He was a big part of two championships. He and Cody were both so important for us.
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    Re: 2017 commits

    We are certainly not going to have a shortage of interior olineman anytime soon. Love getting quality guys early in the process.
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    Link: Re: Phil Steel Preseason All SEC

    I got nothing. It's not like there are a bunch of first round upperclassmen ahead of him.
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