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    Link: Re: Cowherd gone from ESPN

    To try and talk about sports every single day for 2 or 3 hrs would seem to be a monumental task. I'd never want that to be my job.

    It's like watching the same entertainer each day of the year....
  2. Re: Reporters Pick Auburn To Win SEC But Alabama To Win The West.....


    The ones that pick Auburn to win the SEC also pick them to win the west. There are some that pick auburn to come in at the lower end of the SEC and West while more of the unanimous vote...
  3. News Article: Re: Lane Kiffin 'Not Thinking About the Next Head Job,' Monte Kiffin Says

    Good one.:wink:
  4. Thread: Finebaum.

    by IMALOYAL1

    Re: Finebaum.

    If talent alone was all it took we probably would have won 13 and maybe 14. It also takes an unbelievable effort from the players which usually comes from some outside motivation. (Like we had in...
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    Re: Loving the Alabama Take-Over of SEC Network

    Me too.

    My 1st Sugar bowl was "Woody is a Pecker" I still think if Coach Bryant had beaten Notre Dame in 73 or one of the later games we'd have been voted #1.

    Too bad a plus 1 system wasn't...
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    Re: FSU Players Banned From Bars

    He could have used blue font but probably felt it wasn't needed. "Jimbo will defend and manipulate the police to keep my son out of trouble and I know he'll need that more than anything"

  7. Link: Re: FSU RB Dalvin Cook Under Investigation for Battery

    I agree. At the same time we probably recruited the same players they did. While fans snicker at Mark Richt for having to suspend and release players every year, what if he were to turn a blind eye...
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    Re: New details in Tunsil's court hearing

    USC had agents all over their campus and sidelines. It was one of the things that led to Reggy Bush scandal.

    Saban has had some trouble with rogue agents (see Marcell Dareus) It is allowed for...
  9. Link: Re: FSU RB Dalvin Cook Under Investigation for Battery

    The video makes the difference. See my post on the QB situation. It may have been better off here but it's all about the same.
  10. Re: FSU QB De'Andre Johnson kicked off team for punching a woman

    The video makes the difference.

    They had video of the "consensual sex" Jameis Winston had with his accuser, but after the authorities notified his lawyer that video disappeared. I wonder what it...
  11. Link: Re: How Meeting With Nick Saban Motivated Darren Lake

    This is his contract year, so to speak. He has to put forth every ounce of effort and hone his technique to reach his full potential and I'd much rather it be now rather than one of those fee agent...
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    Re: Lets assume that the Big 12 dies off soon

    Am I the only one that doesn't like conference expansion? I think we're already too big. It would prevent us from playing teams like Tennessee, UGA, and UF unless we meet in a conference playoff.
  13. Re: The attrition at running back continues: Desherrius Flowers is ineligible this fa

    This whole show reminds me of the kid a couple years ago (a DE or LB) that was in school for about 1 semester before being told he didn't qualify. Can't remember his name but I think he was from the...
  14. Re: If the Cincinnati Bengals 'wake up,' could AJ McCarron be their quarterback i...

    Many times a QB needs that cocky confidence to lead a team. It can be rather brash during normal times but invaluable when it's time to execute a winning drive. I think AJ has some of that.
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    Question: Re: Braxton Miller to UA?

    I can't help but ask myself is he really the answer for us this year?
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