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  1. Game Thread: Re: 37th World Series - Game 7 - (tonight (Wed.) at 7 pm Central on Fox)

    I'm a lifelong Red Sox fan, so I really have a soft spot in my heart for Terry Francona, Jon Lester, John Lackey, and some others that are involved in the Series. I hope the Cubs win it, because I...
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    Re: Thanks, Bama!

    Glad your experience was a good one and that you had safe travels...hope its the first of many enjoyable road trips for y'all around the SEC.
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    Re: Annoying Finebaum show

    I loved them...listened to them all of the time...I remember when they called someone at 84 Lumber in Knoxville to order plywood to finish out the "VOLS" sign at Neyland Stadium...whoever they had on...
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    Re: Annoying Finebaum show

    My uncle use to work with her, before he retired. He's a 76 year old Auburn fan, and when Tammy's name came up n a conversation a few years ago, he looks at me with wide eyes and said "What you hear...
  5. Re: Thoughts on CNS contacting Les Miles and bringing him in as another consultant?

    I could never see this happening...I just don't see the value in bringing in a coach who has shown an unwillingness to adapt/change in the way the CNS has...I think Miles would be opposed to it as...
  6. Re: The Walk of Champions Needs Our Help (Funny Video)

    Classic...gotta love it.
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    Re: New Championship Plaques?

    My goodness...those look fantastic...Can't wait to see 'em in person.
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    Re: Henry Heisman house commercial

    good one...Ingram's sandwich was very impressive ;)
  9. Re: It's that time of the year - great football quotes...

    My Lord...these are all great ones...I could read the McKay quotes all day...those are timeless.
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    Re: Loss of a Tide Fan

    So very sorry for your loss...please know that your family is in our thoughts & prayers.
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    Re: 2016 Season QB Thread

    I heard that it was thumb wrestling
  12. Re: Fun thread: You might be a Bama fan if...

    If your stack of Golden Flake commemorative tins is taller that most of your family members. (I have one son who is 6'8", so we're not quite there yet)
  13. Re: Longtime ESPN host John Saunders dead at age 61

    A huge loss for us all...very sad to hear it.
  14. Link: Re: Nick Saban is actually a human being. Honest.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the article...thanks for the link.
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    Question: Re: Anyone been to The Grove at Ole Miss?

    I've been twice...both times were a good experience...nothing to be overly gushy about, but it was quite fun, especially since our hosts were longtime friends who were Ole Miss fans, who sorta showed...
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