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    Re: 247Sports' Under Armour Stock Report

    Like RTO said, he gets an extra spring to be coached on this. Not a big concern, CNS and CMC have fixed worse problems than that.
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    Re: A Few Recruiting Tidbits

    Great info, thanks RTO.
    Hope we can pull Tabor and Humphrey
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    Re: Barner ads

    I believe the ads that appear are based on your web searches and pages you visit. So if you frequent a Barn forum or site, get ready to see Barn ads when you come here.
  4. Re: ***2014 DB Kalvaraz Bessent Commits to Alabama***

    I bet he refers to it as recruiting. He obviously likes the negative recruiting style or he would have stayed away from AU. Showed very little interest lately in Bama, so I say, "Good luck young...
  5. Re: ***2014 DB Kalvaraz Bessent Commits to Alabama***

    Best of luck to you KB. I hope you enjoy your time at The Barn.
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    Re: More on DJ Pettway

    I can see both sides of this argument, and I am glad its CNS that has to make that decision. I wouldn't want to be the one to even bring this up.
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    2014 Prospect: Re: List of remaining prospects for 2014

    I sure hope they have. Those two at the corners locking down the outside, with Hootie and Ronnie at Safety. I think you could easily say that would be the best defensive backfield ever recruited in...
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    ADMIN NOTE: Re: Think twice before posting...

    Mike, I agree with you 100%. I am proud to be an Alabama fan and I always will be. Our players, coaches, and University set the standard for other football programs. Roll Tide Roll!
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    Re: My beef with barn fans

    The ones I love are the ones that are talking smack and never played the game. And the best one is my brother-in-law that keeps making remarks on Facebook about Bama fans claiming a "moral" victory....
  10. Re: ***4-Star DT Joshua Frazier Commits to Alabama***

    Welcome aboard Josh. Great pick up for the D-line. RTR
  11. Re: Well, Oregon Beaten AGAIN

    Maybe they can pair up Oregon and aTm in a bowl now. But what would you call it? The 'No Defense' Bowl, the 'Heisman Bowl', the 'Over-rated Bowl'.........
  12. Re: OL Viane Talamaivao Decommits from Alabama, Commits to USC

    I cant hold it against a kid for wanting to stay closer to home. Good luck to him in the future. RTR
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    Link: Re: "OW MY KNEE"...the fake auburn injury

    Not saying I like it, but this is becoming common practice when teams want to slow the pace, for whatever reason. The funny thing is, Gus Bus complained about this very thing happening at SEC Media...
  14. Re: Alabama vs Arkansas early score predictions

    We will continue to improve and play the young guys. This one is not close, 45-3.
  15. Re: Here's what we have gathered so far regarding the Clinton-Dix case...

    Thanks for the update. I hope this is all worked out quickly and we can keep our focus on the season. Distractions like this can wreck a season in a hurry.
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