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    Re: Trent Richardson & Reporter Bias

    Eh, he had only a year and a half advantage with the new coaching staff coming in back in 2012. Really, the main culprit is Trent's vision that seemingly makes it look like he can't find the open gap...
  2. Link: Re: Joe Willie appears in Manning brothers rap for Fantasy Football

    Man, some of you need to lighten up. The video was freakin' hilarious. I despise the Mannings just like another other 'Bama fan, but their willingness to embrace their inherent goofiness to entertain...
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    Re: Rough NFL start for Cyrus

    I thought he started to play better toward the end of the game(course, that's against some guys who may be out of the league in a couple of weeks, but still), but when he was absolutely ghastly in...
  4. Link: Re: The Jaguars Unveil The World's Largest Scoreboards

    WOOF. Lots of awful Jags takes in this thread.
  5. Re: Is McCarron's agent tanking his pre-draft on purpose?

    Not throwing at the Combine won't hurt him. No one really evaluates a QB's throwing ability there. The interviews with teams are the most important thing for him there. Not going to the Senior Bowl...
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    Re: Alabama Juniors Declaring for the NFL Draft

    Strong safety isn't as valued as a free safety in the NFL unless the SS is really special like Barron. Sunseri going mid-to-late Day 3 of the Draft is his ceiling.

    Not trying to hate on Vinnie or...
  7. Link: Re: Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron will not play in Senior Bowl

    Ummm... they have plenty of "competitive players". Stop being ignorant. And no one said they'd use the game itself to evaluate him, only that they'd be able to see how he responds to coaching. The...
  8. Link: Re: Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron will not play in Senior Bowl

    Being evaluated and coached up by an actual NFL OC and QB coach is undeniably a good thing, though. Pro Days are controlled environments where he chooses what passes to throw and the Combine is a...
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    Re: Alabama Juniors Declaring for the NFL Draft

    I think Pagan could make it as a 1-gap penetrating 3-tech since NFL teams are starting to look for that more and more these days. Hubbard is a tough one, though. Doesn't seem to bend the edge well...
  10. Question: Re: With Sunseri leaving, do the powers that be think it will help flip some recruits

    With Davion Hall and C.J. Hampton already enrolled at Baylor/Ole Miss respectively, there's not really a top target left on the board unless Lance Thompson pulls off a miracle and flips Blanding from...
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    Re: Alabama Juniors Declaring for the NFL Draft

    While the 2014 safety class is pretty weak, it's not *that* weak. While I love Vinnie and what he's done for the Tide during his time here, I only really see him as a Sean Considine-ish ST ace who...
  12. Re: Ranking the 16 BCS national champions - USA TODAY

    6-8 on that list were far better teams than 2013 FSU.
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    Re: J. Winston performance

    In all honesty, he reminded me of Byron Leftwich when he was with the Jaguars: long wind-up, slow to read the field, not mobile enough to avoid the rush, hesitant to take the available checkdown, and...
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    Re: A Few Recruiting Tidbits

    Saw a couple of videos on Twitter of Sims beating Humphrey and Adoree Jackson(?). He's gonna be a good one.
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    2014 Prospect: Re: List of remaining prospects for 2014

    He reminds me of a combo of Yeldon and Drake. He's going to be a scary one when he puts on a good 15 pounds of muscle in a good S&C program.
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