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    Re: Winston pushing referee before the snap

    14 pages? seriously, I say let's concentrate on the Tide instead of this idiot. if they play TCU or Oregon in the first round those two will run them out of the stadium
  2. Re: What UGA did against the Barn VS what we can do

    the one thing Pruitt did was attack the "mesh point" of the read option. they made Marshall decide quickly if he was going to keep or give the ball. other than that not to much. UGA just pounded them...
  3. Re: I WANT TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT GUS !!!! And i am wanting everone's input.

    If Kevin Sumlin is smart, he would have already offered Muschamp the job
  4. News Article: Re: Saban Still Finds Joy in Building Dynasty

    I think the article touched on the one thing that most other head coaches that build a dynasty get caught up in. it's not so much about the wins and loses or the championships for Coach Saban. I...
  5. Re: Mario Cristobal : how would you grade him?

    i agree with this. I did a post a few weeks back breaking down the linemen recruited by stoutland. let's just say "subpar" at best. I was actually shocked that in one of the classes he recruited they...
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    Re: FSU-Miami Game

    Miami Has No Defensive Line.
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    Re: The "Bear" Hologram as Gameday Picker!

    but also the most awesome.... that would be great. but my pick...Barrett Jones.
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    Re: The "Bear" Hologram as Gameday Picker!

    no... I don't feel like listening to how Blake always looked up to him as a big brother or how the young guys on the team last year didn't buy into the process like he and the older guys did or how...
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    Re: I'm glad we're outside looking in

    with the way that the committee has been doing things so far. I say Oregon goes to #1, TCU will get the boost to go to #2 FSU will stay put at #3 and maybe Arizona State moves to #4.
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    Re: CFP Poll is out (week 3 @ post 208)

    if you think for one second that two sec teams will get into the playoffs, I have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.

    this whole thing was brought about by two factors. the first...
  11. Re: Pick the score: Mississippi State vs. Alabama

    how many times last year did we hear "get past LSU and there is nobody left that can stop Bama from 3 straight"? only every other week. when did the team start to "lose it" last year? after the LSU...
  12. Link: Re: Jimbo Fisher kicks Ukeme Eligwe off team.

    sounds a lot like the ole Bobby Bowdon school of discipline to me. "well, you know Winston is a good kid and all, and I just think he is hanging out with the wrong crowd. what we have to do is help...
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    Re: Pick the score: Crimson Tide vs Tiguhs

    that is what I am thinking. close one. Bama and LSU have been the big boys in the conf. for a long time and they have been built to take on each other in a toe to toe slugfest of a fight. it's not...
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    Link: Re: Coaches Poll Out

    and that is why it will be an 8-10 team playoff within 2-3 years.
  15. Re: Some Alabama statistics that the committee would have to ignore (to underrank the

    just don't ask Danny Kannel or Jason "blow my own" seahorn what they think..
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