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    Re: Trip to LSU - what a dream!

    It's never bad if you are in a big group. Travel in packs of 4 or less and you come to expect the "friendly banter" as they call it. I've never been around a more nasty and mean spirited group of...
  2. Re: Coach Saban politely requests a raucus crowd for MSU

    This is from several years ago.
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    Re: Say Something Good About Mitippi Tate

    Starkville and Auburn are the only two places where I request a room WITHOUT a view when making hotel reservations. That wasn't nice, but I couldn't resist.
  4. Re: Let's party like it's 1999! (Flashback to MSU vs. Bama '99)

    This is the anniversary of the first game i ever went to. I've managed to go to every home game since then with the exception of one.
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    Re: Week 1 College football playoff poll released

    That's why we are number six. We lost to that joke of a team.
  6. Re: Vols field condition during the game last night

    I was at the game and I heard Eli saying that they brought in growing lamps from the Netherlands. He went on later to say that they need to get their money back. Lol
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    Re: Coaches poll out

    That just doesn't look right on so many levels with Mississippi State at #1 and Ole Miss at #3. Assuming they stay in control and don't lose, it's gonna feel weird to have #1 Mississippi State...
  8. Re: Stay classy, ut - chancellor and AD apologize for fan behavior...

    I've been to several games in Knoxville and heard it a couple of times myself
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    Re: New Coaches Poll: Bama to #7

    Seeing any other number besides 1 or 2 beside Alabama doesn't seem right.
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    Re: Alabama Fans yesterday at Bryant-Denny

    Nothing compares to being there in person.
  11. Link: Re: Kansas State Has 'Roll Snyd' Shirts For Game Against Auburn

    Weak-they lack that much tradition they have to resort to this? This would have been like West Virginia having "War Mountaineers" shirts
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    Re: Tennessee vs Oklahoma, who do you like?

    Boomer Sooner!
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    Re: Poem from WVU board

    I checked out two lines in. What a waste.
  14. Question: Re: Just for fun....who will the starting quarterback be in our first game?

    I think coach will be rotating Tyler Watts and Andrew Zow in quite a bit. Wait, what year is it ?
  15. Link: Re: Florida Coach Will Muschamp Hand-Delivers Season Tickets to Lifelong Gator Fans

    Are you coming up for the Bama/UF game this year?
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