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    Re: Here is your Duron Carter update

    Funny. Glad he's seeing success; hate he couldn't play here.
  2. Link: Re: Report: Alabama athletic revenues higher than all 30 NHL teams, most NBA teams

    Forget finance, let's put our marketing hats on. How much lower would gross revenue be if it was a sport of paid players? I think a lot less. The question everyone needs to be asking is, Would we...
  3. Re: I found this hidden away in my Grandfather's home.

    Yep, I had one treasured bottle, and then found like six at a garage sale for $2 each in the 1990s. I think they're worth a good bit to someone who really wants to decorate their man cave with one,...
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    Re: Saban Coaching Error in game against Auburn

    I spent much of the IB yelling that we should gash them with quick slants like UGA's Murray did the week prior. AJ scores with that 95 times out of 100. I love CNS but he or Nuss stuck with our...
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    Re: Marvin Constant's story

    I hope this guy aces every job interview.

    "Can you tell me an example of a time you had to go above and beyond for your team memberss?"
    "Okay, tell me if one of the other candidates can top...
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    Re: Get ready for another title run.

    OK, we will NOT ever say We think we can beat Auburn because they're losing a good tailback. We will beat Auburn because our team and coaching are a ton better. They were not in late November 2013,...
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    Re: *** LB Rashaan Evans Signs With Alabama ***

    Funny thing is that often happens at this time because
    (a) Their son just accepted a full ride to college, which some parents were saving for, and
    (b) It's tax refund time

    It'd sure be...
  8. Re: ***JUCO TE Ty Flournoy-Smith commits to Bama***

    Yes, that's exactly right. In fact, since I posted that Rivals has assigned TF-S a 2* rating. I don't care - every guy Saban offers is a 5*. Especially if he offers a guy with 2 years'...
  9. Re: ***JUCO TE Ty Flournoy-Smith commits to Bama***

    I realize CNS doesn't care one bit about stars, and neither do I overall, but I'm curious: why does a guy like this not have a star rating on Rivals?

    Just occasionally I'd like to be able to...
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    Re: Iron Bowl Trophy

    I'm glad CNS keeps his comments classy, although I don't particularly mind GM saying that. It's not going to make a difference.
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    Re: Jacob Coker free to transfer (ESPN)

    I was telling someone today we should run Coker under center with Sims behind him and Henry behind that. I call it the quadruple option:
    - Coker passes
    - Sims cut blocks, Henry runs
    - Sims passes...
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    Re: It appears Luke Del Rio is leaving / Blake Sims discussion

    Did y'all see the A-Day game where AJ and Phillip Sims were both so mediocre. I'm a lot more sure Comer or someone has bigger upside than we had then.
  13. Re: Alabama VS Notre Dame -- From a Brit's Perspective - Video

    OMG I'm in tears. I know some ruggers and I love the perspective. That's 100x funnier than the "American FP coach comes to England" video.
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    Re: A-Day Game Time Announced

    It'll be perfect to me - I can take two daughters to watch some gymnastics. If you've never been to a meet, it's worth stopping by. Fun atmosphere and Bama dominates.
  15. Re: Admit it - You hired Kiffin solely to upset Tennessee and make them dislike you m

    Even if some idiot non-Bama-alum poisoned the entire Tennessee river they could not dislike us more. But I love your post. I have made the same point: What, are people going to like Saban's team...
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