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  1. And still WBC champion Deontay Wilder

    But he broke his right hand and tore his right bicep, fought 4 rounds with it. That's insane
  2. Link: Re: "Gehrig Dieter Already Making Big Impression At Alabama"

    I don't see Foster or Stewart losing pt, but at least there shouldn't be a huge drop off when we sub. 4 wr sets will look good.
  3. Re: Adonis Thomas Transferring to JUCO College

    Good luck Adonis.
  4. Re: Congrats to Mo Williams ( NBA Championship)

    Great for Mo! Always tried to follow him since he was in Cleveland the first time. Glad he got a ring, he sure as hell deserves it! RTR
  5. Replies

    Re: Maurice Smith Transferring

    Why not? Unless he made a huge jump, was going to be hard for him to see valuable minutes, nothing against Maurice. I'm sure he'll do well wherever he goes
  6. Re: Johnny Manziel may not be long for this world

    One probably led to the other. Or maybe vice versa.. Sad stuff man.
  7. Link: Re: Christion Jones Joins Canadian Football League Team

    I thought he was going to make it on with Miami, until they drafted Drake and that Grant kid from Texas tech. Sucks jones got hurt last year. Hopefully he makes it
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    Re: Broom time (hopefully)

    Sweep it is! RTR
  9. Re: Alabama Assistant Bo Davis leaving over inquiry into possible recruiting violatio

    I bet our Dline will have a little more motivation against MSU this year if true.
  10. Re: Morehead State Grad-Transfer PG Corban Collins Lists Bama in Final 3, Plans to Vi

    Looks like a pretty good shooter. RTR
  11. Re: Why is Derrick Henry Not a First Round Pick?

    I think he will, would be in total shock if he ever really adds fat.
  12. Re: Why is Derrick Henry Not a First Round Pick?

    Runs high too, might not work as well in the NFL but I'm not doubting him
  13. Thread: Why?

    by beatthemtigers

    Re: Why?

    Great game. Awesome defense, next 2 should be just as good
  14. Link: Re: The Expected Roller Coaster of CAJ's First Year Comes to an End

    Cant wait to see Ingram running Point next year. What's that transfers name that sat out this year? Besides AJ Jr
  15. Re: Spring Practice Thread (Interviews, Press Conferences, Practice Reports)

    Minkah, Foster, Evans, and Paynes numbers are pretty beast. We have some fast lbers!
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