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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. FAU - 2nd Half****

    Coker isn't getting hardly any help from his recievers.
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    Re: Teams You Watch In Hopes They Lose

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    Re: Watching The Oklahoma Replay

    Yeah the whole sticking with what wasn't working and barely using plays that were successful was pretty bad. It happened in the Auburn game as well.
  4. Re: Things to Fix Before We Go After Wholesale Changes in Philisophy


    1. Get back to a POWER running game.

    ^THIS^ Unfortunely, I have zero confidence this will happen under our current OC. If the 2nd half against UGA last year...
  5. Re: Cremated human remains found on Pat's field after game.

    I'm not saying I know who did it, but I do know a Barner who had his dad's ashes with him on Saturday. And this guy is a COMPLETE nut job. If it wasn't him, then there was more than one people on...
  6. Re: An observation about Auburn fans and the Alabama/Auburn relationship.

    I couldn't disagree with the OP more. Auburn isn't just another game, and tennessee isn't really much of a rival at the current moment. Yeah, I understand the history and have a deep hatred for...
  7. Re: Bama #4 in new AP Poll

    Ohio State and FSU both lose. Auburn beats Mizzou. Auburn goes to Pasadena. However, are we next? What about the Michigan State that will have beaten OSU and won their conference, AND have just...
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    Re: What CoachStallings had to say

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    Re: Stadium crowd yesterday/student seating

    But don't let the students receive all the credit for a stadium that's not full. I sat about 5 rows behind the band saturday, and it gave me a very clear view of the West upper deck and all of the...
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    Re: Stadium crowd yesterday/student seating

    From a student perspective, the SW corner's top 20 rows were empty because of one reason: some of us students are a little dumb. There were people standing on the ground level and in the aisles for...
  11. Re: Are you guys cool with Oregon guys posting here? Many more probably will come...

    Yes. We DO hate Auburn. Very, very, very much. Some fans dislike LSU more because of the big game aspect, and some hate Tennessee more because of the history between the teams, but I am one who...
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    Re: SGA encouraging students to stay for four

    They also need to be looking into why the fancy red seats in the west upper deck can't seem to stay full too. Either buy tide pride tickets and go to the game or don't. This whole buying seats to...
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    Poll: Re: Who do you hate more?Auburn or tennessee?

    Auburn. Auburn, auburn, auburn, auburn. Let me say it again...Auburn.
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    Re: Auburn Discipline at its finest (link)

    It's good to see the Barn finally get a penalty for a cheap shot...
  15. Re: Complacency - Are Tide fans beginning to show

    I don't really see any reason to worry about complacency based solely on A-Day attendance (that's still a great crowd). People can't make it every year, and the reason we usually sell out is we...
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