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  1. Re: Nickname what do you think? "Blake the Snake"

    How about "Blake Sims, National Championship QB"...that has a nice ring to it..
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    Re: Kiffin Or Smart As Possible Head Coach

    Im trying to remember, hasnt Lane Kiffin had a chance at Head coach recently? did that work out well?

    A couple games in as OC and were annoiting him as our future Head Coach??????

    I LOVE him as...
  3. Link: Re: Update: Jameis winston out whole clemson game!!!!!!!

    i'll believe that when I see it.

    Whether he should play another down is another story, but FSU has sold their integrity to keep him playing.
  4. Question: Re: What are Amari's chances of wining the Heisman?

    Chances of the Heisman: Possibly, but not high
    Chances of the Biletnikoff: preety darn high!
  5. Re: The Official "I Was Wrong About Blake Sims" Thread

    why does the color of the fans you sat with matter?
  6. Re: I Was Wrong About Blake Sims

    that cheer was not HALF as loud as the oneI heard when Blake came back out from the locker room.
  7. Re: The Official "I Was Wrong About Blake Sims" Thread

    Hes been fantastic, hit players in stride on long balls, and i was especially impressed by the zip on some of the intermediate throws....he's got an arm that I'd never saw him show before.

    I think...
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    Re: Bama "falls" to #3 in the AP poll.

    michigan state may very well win the big10, which even with a down season, will still hold weight for Oregon.
  9. Link: Re: Greg McElroy breaks down Auburn's offense

    you dont think the players and coaching staff 'want' to win the iron bowl? do they not live in-state????

    I cannot fathom any scenario where the coaches or players dont go into the iron bowl...
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    If you comapre it to what the GAmecocks have done prior to SOS, it becomes a little more impressive. Just like what Jammes Franklin did at just cant ignore the fact thats its harder to...
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    Link: Re: Saban on Cam Robinson

    Im guessing that if Cam Robinson starts, the coaches think he'll give up less negative plays and sacks thhan the next best option....maybe he's just that good.
  12. Re: Undrafted: List of Players of Note signing UDFA deals

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    Link: Re: List of Basketball Transfers

    I think he wants both; warm weather WITH beaches...
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    Re: No love for Bama softball?

    So glad that UofA came to thier senses and decided to pay him for his superior performance...
  15. Re: Will Bama sign another RB in the 2015 class?

    After the haul we had in 2014, not much to fret about there either...:)
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