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  1. Re: Another fatal shooting by police caught on camera

    I hate to think it -- but my first thought at reading your post was .... "Just like 'they' planned it" -- I hate believing it. Especially since I'm not sure who "they" are -- but I do believe it.
  2. Re: Les Miles went to the hospital Monday after drinking too much coffee

    Loaded up on Caffeine, I still couldn't make heads or tails out of what he said....
  3. JessN: Re: Wisconsin preview: Badgers hope one dimension is enough against Bama

    I think the 27 is fairly close.....

    I'm thinking that Wisconsin can go anywhere from 0 to 17......and just depends on how well we control the clock.....AND if the DBs can maintain coverage and we...
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    Re: Kanye Launches 2020 Presidential Bid

    Jesse Ventura and Al Franken are looking better every day.

    Maybe Kanye can promise to rename DC - "Washington DMC" --
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    Blog: Re: Latest Bama News 8/31/2015

    Allie - I appreciate all the work you do for the keep me informed -- Thank you!
  6. Re: Here's What Fear The Walking Dead Won't Show

    Did anyone notice anything unusual about the riot scene as they were getting to the Barber shop?
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    Re: Early Lines for Week 1 Games of Note

    The Cajuns will cover vs UK -- and if the ball bounces right, they could upset the Wildcats.....

    The have a Running Back that has SEC potential. Elijah McGuire......
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    Re: Pick the score: Wisconsin vs. Alabama

    37-3 -- Bama......
  9. Re: Play QB at Bama if want a cute girlfriend

    If you had a computer program that visually created the perfect woman....
  10. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)
  11. Re: R.I.P. Darryl Dawkins a.k.a. "Chocolate Thunder"

    When I was a kid--- I loved LOVED the Sixers....

    Dr J
    George McGinnis
    Bobby Jones
    Doug Collins
    Henry Bibby....

    A great team....
  12. Re: Saban's 2015 New Gameplan - We score A LOT, you punt a lot

    And you can always have Morris in at QB .... on third down -- if they don't make it, you can HUNH and put Morris in Punt formation -- and have him punt after a no huddle... and honestly, if he can...
  13. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    A bama "hidden" practice means only one thing......

    You old timers know exactly what I'm talking about.....
  14. Re: "cheating website" Ashley Madison hacked, 36 Million users to be outed

    I'm guessing he has alias.....

    Jefferson Williams
    Clinton Jefferson
    JW Clinton
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    Re: SEC West order

    They asked Joey Galloway to alphabetize them.......
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