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    Re: A Personal Update

    I know that some people still want to believe that "love is forever", and that marriages are supposed to last "until death do us part". The sad truth is though that sometimes couples can grow apart....
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    Re: IRS unable to produce emails to Congress

    He's a Democrat. He doesn't know the meaning of the word "honor".
  3. Re: Burger King Announces Move To Canada; Tax-and-Spenders Up In Arms

    I'm no big fan of BK either, but they did pay $33.6Million in domestic sales taxes last year.
    The corporate community in this country, of...
  4. Re: And in Alabama white trash news, couple rapes teen in hopes of getting baby

    There was no pic of a woman, so I had to read the article to see if the other part of this "couple" really was a woman.
    It's not too often women get charged with rape, but I guess anything's...
  5. Re: Man assaulted after he was told restaurant not safe for whites in MS

    The leftists and their media enablers are trying to start a race war in this country by focusing only on what the white community does to blacks while ignoring the reverse. Eventually they will get...
  6. Re: Slight majority of 18-24 yr olds think all kids should get a trophy

    Replace the word "trophy" with the word "job" and I'd agree 100%.
  7. Re: Many of things get solved 'round the dinner table in the south. LOL!

    I love my okra, but the only "egg plant" I'll eat is this:

    Many things get solved, or at least discussed, around our...
  8. Re: Wyoming cop charged with animal cruelty after his police dog dies in car - 6 hour

    Not trying to burst your bubble, but let's go back a bit:
    If you recall, the report said that:

    So, you're telling us that you think the dog should have been left at home, and when needed, the...
  9. Re: New House bill to ban private citizens from owning body armor

    I'm guessing that if I ever think I have a need for body armor, I'm not going to buy it in a place that records the private info of the buyers of such equipment. I'm also not going to buy weapons,...
  10. Link: Re: ISIS - I don't want to put the subject in the title...

    That's only because the only thing that's been truly tested is that at which politicians have felt comfortable. If the politicians would get out of the way and let the military do it's job, we...
  11. Link: Re: ISIS - I don't want to put the subject in the title...

    If we put enough scare into them, and I mean REALLY SCARE them, they'll beg us to forgive them for their trespasses against us and won't trouble us or the rest of the world again for a dozen...
  12. Link: Re: ISIS - I don't want to put the subject in the title...

    I wasn't talking about "boots on the ground". We've been there, done that, and it has resulted in little more than the unnecessary deaths and/or physical and psychological harm to thousands of our...
  13. Link: Re: ISIS - I don't want to put the subject in the title...

    I'm going to pass on discussing what the Koran really means, or what Muhammad meant when he dictated it, etc.
    What I am going to discuss is that imo, war has been declared on us by those who now...
  14. Re: Black cop kills unarmed white man in Salt Lake City

    Not trying to sidetrack the thread, but it makes one wonder if the recent militarization of the police is not...
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    Re: Any GE Microwave Techs Out There?

    Fwiw, you'll get rid of it a lot faster if the sign says "For Sale", rather than "Free".
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