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  1. Thread: first game

    by Isaiah 63:1

    Re: first game

    I'll be concerned if we can't score more than 35 on their defense...
  2. Re: We've Got Ourselves a Kicker Guys (Scrimmage Discussion)

    Humphrey can kick too? Awesome!
  3. Link: Re: Charlie Strong removes Longhorn logo from helmets

    Is it, you know, "legal" to have a uniform thread after the start of fall camp???
  4. Replies

    Re: Bengals Extend Dalton

    According to the article, little of the money is guaranteed (not only for Dalton but also for most NFL QBs) so if he doesn't perform there's little to no financial burden on the Bengals for moving to...
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    Re: Do we have a team or just players

    Herb Brooks and Mike Eruzione say hi...
  6. JessN: Re: FYI, previews are starting soon.
  7. Re: The gods of sports are cruel...

    Ah, Jimmy Hill memories come flooding back, not to mention that most unlikely, quirky theme music ...
  8. Re: What We and Everybody Else Can Learn From the San Antonio Spurs

    Couldn't agree more with the OP. Anytime you're talking about a team sport, the ability to get talented players to use their talent in service of the team will, over time, trump talented players...
  9. Re: Valuing ($$$) college quarterbacks to their programs. AJ gets dissed again.

    He can't do that to AJ; only we can do that to AJ...
  10. Link: Re: LSU AD -Alabama Fans Will Need 'Telescopes' To See Field At Expanded Tiger Stadiu

    In how many businesses would a leader gloat about how bad his product is, and expect people to be happy to pay for it? Outside of government, I'm hard pressed to think of any others...
  11. Link: Re: Massive sinkhole on the field at Austin Peay football field in Tennessee
  12. Re: SEC Releases Rotating Opponents for 2014-2025 Seasons

    I know. I am as blue-font challenged (or, perhaps, averse) as you are...
  13. Re: SEC Releases Rotating Opponents for 2014-2025 Seasons

    I can. Which is the easier proposition: a 9th game against your average ACC school (2013 = Syracuse and UNC) or against your average SEC school (2013 = TAMU/Vanderbilt)? Not all conferences are...
  14. Re: Auburn Now Claims They Won The 1983 National Championship (And Two Others)

    Actually, 1941 was apparently a 1980s addition:
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    Re: A J -When & where do you think he will go?

    That doesn't add up when you can say the same (or worse) about Manziel. These factors could explain the difference between round 1 and (say) 4, but not between Round 1 and whenever (if ever) he goes...
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