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    Re: Woman gets pregnant after anal sex

    She's doing it wrong, wrong.
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    Re: Head hunter calls

    I'm a nurse and have gotten those kind of calls before while at work. Imagine how miserable it must be to not only suffer what amounts to a telemarketing job, but you're calling people and offering...
  3. Re: The illusion of social media and how it can be psychologically destructive

    Thanks for sharing your story Selma.

    Depression isn't a joke. A few years ago, the clinical psychologist who consulted at the hospital where I work shot himself in his home. This was the guy who...
  4. Re: Anyone else notice that our Muslim-in-Chief hasn't had one word of praise for

    To be fair, when someone in Texas tells you to draw, you'd better be ready to shoot, and they did say, "Draw, Muhammad!"
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    Re: Amari Goes 4th!

    Happy for his contract, but personally would have preferred he not gone to the Raiders. That program is pretty disorganized.

    fortunately, I don't think he is dealing with the same demons Rolando...
  6. Re: Britt McHenry dressing down a towing company employee

    I'd like to see the full, unedited video before I'm ready to condemn her. For all we know, the other person was dishing it just as bad, or maybe the towing company was using illegal or unethical...
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    Re: New Star Wars teaser

    I'm looking forward to it, but keeping my hopes in check. Cool visuals are given, no question, but I hope the story/script is better than what we got in the more recent trilogy.

    I'm not completely...
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    Re: Tsarnaev found guilty

    I'm generally for the death penalty, but I'd like the jurors to watch "Ron White on Osama Bin Laden" before making their decision.

    Edit to add: language warning in that video.
  9. Re: New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function

    Is it sad that I had to check the date to make sure the date of the article wasn't April 1?
  10. Link: Re: 'Karate Kid' villain Billy Zabka is still best friends with the Cobra Kais

    Sometimes remakes are ok. Cape Fear and The Departed were both solid. English remakes of foreign movies sometimes works, too (The Departed, Oldboy, Let the Right One in/Let Me In). I watch foreign...
  11. Re: California has one year's worth of water remaining per NASA scientist

    How will this affect how Muslims feel about themselves?
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    Re: Two cops shot in Ferguson

    Some people want their pound of flesh from the Ferguson PD. I thought when the chief stepped down it was going to be enough. Apparently not.
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    News Article: Re: Sir Terry Pratchett has died

    Longtime fan here. Hate to hear this, he was a genius writer and had incredible wit.
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    Re: US Debt limit to be reached on March 16th

    Haha, there's a limit?
  15. Re: Breast size preference may reveal mens' attitudes toward women

    It's easy to make jokes about this, but there are a lot of flaws with this article.

    1. What was the criteria for "oppressive attitudes", specifically? Being pro-choice on abortion? Expecting...
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