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  1. Question: Re: Does anyone know how many different states Alabama has played a football game in?

    Who did we play in New York? Syracuse perhaps?
  2. Re: Pro Rules vs. College Rules on Catching a Pass (Dez Bryant and Dallas Cowboys)

    I thought it was a good call. I think part of the reason that made it so controversial is that it kept being disected in slow motion. From that perspective, it looks like a catch, a couple of steps...
  3. Re: What QB (past or present) does Blake Sims remind you of?

    Troy Smith or Charlie Ward
  4. Link: Re: Want to get a glimpse of what's wrong with the CFP committee? Read this....

    Two things kept the Big 12 out of the playoffs this year. Number one, Alabama, Oregon, FSU, and Ohio St all won their championship games. If any of those teams had lost then they would have a team...
  5. Re: Nate Silver answers the question: Can Alabama afford another loss?

    The only way we would have any remote chance of getting in with 2 losses is if Ole Miss loses this weekend to Arkansas and then beats Miss St. and we lose to Auburn. We would go to the SEC...
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    Re: What we learned from each game this weekend

    I learned that the SEC West is going to cannibalize itself this season and it may really kick-in this weekend. I was counting on Arkansas to be the punching back in the West this year and they are...
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    Re: Coaches on the hot seat

    I think Frank Beamer is starting to wear thin at VA Tech. He won't be fired, and hopefully he has a better exit than Mack Brown and Bobby Bowden, but I think he steps down at either the end of this...
  8. Question: Re: Ball Security: Area of Concern OR Aberration?

    As we all know, ball security has been an issue with Drake for a while. However, I was looking over his stats last night and he has 26 touches for 6 touchdowns. That translates to a touchdown every...
  9. Re: Do you think Sims separated himself further today?

    I thought Sims played well with the exception of the botched handoff. However, the play calling allowed for him to make high % throws and I don't recall a throw over 15 yards. We can't do that...
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    Re: Teams You Watch In Hopes They Lose

    I actually find myself rooting for LSU quite often, even since Saban has been here. I never pull for Auburn, Georgia or Tennessee, in that order. I've lived in GA my entire life and went to school...
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    Re: ****Bama vs. WVU - Postgame Thread****

    I walked away from the game today with much the same feeling as the win over VA Tech last year. The big difference is I had full faith in McCarron and I don't in Sims. I actually thought he played...
  12. Re: Let's discuss Bama's 2014 quarterback situation.

    Based on what has been done in Coach Saban's tenure, regardless of who the OC is, we will continue to be a balanced offense. Therefore, I can't see us changing our offensive philosophy with Blake...
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    Re: McCarron in the NFL

    It will be interesting to see what AJ does at the Senior Bowl and the combine, and what events he will even participate in at the combine. Personally, he seems like a Matt Ryan clone. Their arm...
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    Re: The Importance Of The Iron Bowl

    I didn't see a team that lost its competitive fire, I saw a team that played tight all game. Sometimes it's hard to accept defeat or make sense of it, but the simple fact is we lost to a good team...
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    Re: SEC Clarifies Rule on AU Touchdown Pass

    They tried to run the same play in the 1st half where Marshall clearly wanted to throw but Jones had Coats covered and the linebackers were able to pull down Marshall for a loss. This play however...
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