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  1. Re: Brandon Ivory a suspect in Tuscaloosa armed robbery

    Of course there is never any justification for point was what kind of guy thinks he needs an assault rifle to rob somebody when he's as physically imposing as Ivory. If what is reported...
  2. Link: Re: Kirby Smart Reflects on Ohio State Loss

    I wonder if a coach has ever played the second string qb not because the first stringer was injured...but to take advantage of what Krazy points out above.
  3. Re: Brandon Ivory a suspect in Tuscaloosa armed robbery

    I would think somebody as big and strong as Ivory could steal/take whatever he wants from people without needing an assault rifle or knife. If the charges are true, I'm disgusted.
  4. Re: Players Impressed with Coach Saban's New Car

    I don't guess there's any way to measure it, but I would imagine many more of Bryant's players were motivated to play college football by the love of the game and desire for the experience of having...
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    Re: UConn has a "secret" rival

    Thanks for posting that, it's a fun read in a bizarre way. UConn's coach seems to have an unusual way of doing things, but this seems just sillly to me.
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    Re: Off-season news...

    Braxton is indeed transferring to FSU, but will give up his football career, and will offer counseling to students on how to get and have a successful date without resorting to rape.
  7. Re: Stuart Bell to be recommended as new UA president

    Making attending the University of Alabama more expensive for instate residents seems counter productive as to what our elected officials should do.
  8. Re: If one of our QBs was going to transfer, shouldn't he be gone by now?

    It takes a special type person to be recruited at one position, then be willing to try it out at a less high-profile spot.
    I can understand how a guy would want to see playing time at his position...
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    Re: Off-season news...

    Let me guess...Braxton Miller is transferring to FSU.
  10. Re: Stuart Bell to be recommended as new UA president

    Jo Bonner, President Bonner's brother was a Representative in the U.S. House. About a year ago, he was recruited by the University system to quit his elected position, and go to work for the...
  11. Re: Stuart Bell to be recommended as new UA president

    I think the University system made a horrible mistake when they hired President Bonner's brother about a year ago at double his current salary, despite his spotty record.
  12. Re: With a little time to reflect, what are your feelings about A.J. McCarron?

    AJ is a winner & I'm sure glad he played at Bama.

    One thing I have always really liked about Namath has been that he appreciated playing at Bama, and under Coach Bryant. It was (and still is)...
  13. Re: Cyrus Jones Arrested

    If Cyrus gets to run some stadium steps over this, it wouldn't bother me if the policeman who brought charges that were thrown out so soon runs a few with him.

    Of course, I realize that's not...
  14. Re: Cyrus Jones Arrested

    It seems to me the police force, especially in a college town, would be coached on showing some restraint rather than being so quick to bring charges that get dismissed a week or two later.
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    Question: Re: Braxton Miller to UA?

    It reminds me of if an FSU fan told Bama fans we could contend or win the SEC in 2014 if only Coker transferred to Bama. He did transfer, but we won the SEC with talent we already had on hand.

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