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  1. Tennessee committed recruit embraces rivalry, calls out Alabama

    I'm glad the UT fans have their little Errange hopes up again. Only because they'll be all the more soul crushed when they lose by 30 - again.

    Btw, I didn't need a mouthy recruit to remind me I...
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    Re: Alabama Leans on Out of State Players

    Or he's digging for football content in a football starved state and didn't want to another "who's going to be QB?!?" piece. Cecil's great, but needs readers and you're exactly right about CNS...
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    Question: Re: Best Cornerback in Saban Era?

    Dre also brought the lumber. I was at the Arky Game, maybe 2011, and Dre K. had HBs stepping out of bounds.
  4. Re: If You Were An NFL Owner--Which Current SEC Head Coach Would You Hire To Be Yours

    Philosophy can change. An NFL coach is going to have to be adaptable to roster turnover, rules changes, and which division they play in. If Saban's off the table I'd take Gussy.
  5. Re: Oklahoma goes the multi-uniform route.

    But white helmets though... ;)
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    Link: Re: Brandon Hill no longer on team

    No judgments here. I'm curious about the circumstances though.
  7. Link: Re: Big Mouth Spurrier carries it a bit further...

    Somebody has little man syndrome. Maybe he needs a bigger visor to compensate?
  8. News Article: Re: Jimbo Fisher: Jacob Joker is Most Talented QB in Saban's Time at UA

    Like CA said Jimbo does come across as classy. He just isn't doing Coker any favors in the expectation department.
  9. News Article: Re: Jimbo Fisher: Jacob Joker is Most Talented QB in Saban's Time at UA

    The guy has all of the measurables, but we're not putting him through the draft combine. We need him to step up and be a field general. I'm hopeful.
  10. JessN: Re: Tide 2014: Coker needs a chance, not crushing pressure

    There are question marks every season, but it's been years since I've been so uncertain about what Bama will look like. Personally, I don't want to let my expectations get too high. I'll just watch...
  11. Re: ACC Agrees on 8 Game Conference Schedule and Deciding on OOC Formats

    CNS thinks it's sad every player from the ACC doesn't get to play every other ACC school. ;)
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    Re: Revisiting UA vs. OU in '13 SB

    It's the middle of the offseason. What else are we supposed to talk about?

    I haven't had the stomach to go back and rewatch the games, but every time we get beat it's easy to write off as "Bama...
  13. Re: Jameis Winston arrested for shoplifting crab legs at Publix
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Bama****

    Greg just "our" when talking about Bama's weapons. :D
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. Bama****

    He looks like a young Willie the groundskeeper.
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