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  1. Re: A closer look at Alabama's offense under Lane Kiffin

    Am I the only one who think that Lane sorta evolved with his offensive philosophy throughout this season? I'd never imagined that Lane would be one of those conservative, run-first and play action...
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    Re: Kannell (again)...

    I personally could careless if we are #1 or #2. I'd love Clemson to play OU right now though. OU has to be the hottest team right now in the country, just what tOSU was last year. I think that...
  3. Question: Re: Think we will see Bo Scarbough the rest of the way? (SEC Championship and Playoff

    Is Drake a Jr or Sr this year? I would love to have him back as our feature RB next year if possible.
  4. Link: Re: Ryan Kelly on Carl Lawson: 'Honestly don't know who that is'

    I think the team was too tight, too tense for a big match up that week. This reminds me of Joe Montana story in the 1989 Super Bowl. Down by 3 with 3 minutes to go, on their likely last offensive...
  5. Re: College Football Playoff Rankings tonight (update on page 2)

    Really smart ranking by the committee. Why would they rank Big12 teams in the top 4 right now when they are about to butt heads against each outer for next two weeks? That's a very smart choice. ...
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    Re: Pass Interference Calls Against Alabama

    Our DBs are taught to attack the WR's hands if they think they are beat on a deep ball. I think the problem is on the fundamentals when it's a press cover, in which our corners fail to get their...
  7. Re: Alabama shut down Leonard Fournette without doing anything special

    We didn't load up the box but our safeties were hyper aggressive in run support throughout the entire game. Just look at how fast our safeties ran up to the LOS to fill the outside gap when...
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    Re: Lsu offensive lineman catching the ball

    Only thing I want to add to this particular play is that I LOVED how Robinson tackled that guy. He didn't just arm tackle him from behind; he got on top of him and brought him down face first into...
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    Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I don't share that optimism. Our O-line allowed 10 negative plays (TFL), not including penalties, in the last game. That was against an average front 4. LSU has two guys up front who can cause a...
  10. Re: J.C. Hassenauer actually played pretty well...

    I think we all need to realize that our O-line is severely limiting our offensive capability. We are tied for 121st in the nation in allowing tackle for loss (total of 54 through 7 games). How can...
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    Re: Keys to Winning the Game Saturday

    You do realize that we are ranked 12th nationally and 1st in the SEC in 3rd down conversion rate defensively, right? I get that we sucked in this department last year, but this year is different. A...
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    Re: Is Ragland Saban's best MLB?

    I still think Hightower was the best LB, but Ragland is quickly catching up to him. He is really adding the pass rushing skill to his arsenal on 3rd and long.
  13. Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Hogs - 2nd Half - with WARNING!!!

    #71 getting beat on the pass protection again...
  14. Game Thread Re: Official Game Thread - Bama vs. Hogs - 2nd Half - with WARNING!!!

    We can't seem to pass protect 4 man rush. Our RBs get hit in the backfield far too often to be a consistent threat. Our OL needs to step up seriously.
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    Re: We Found An Offensive Identity

    My comment was in reference to those who seem to imply that we won because we stuck to running the football. That's only partially true to our success today. In fact, we are not a physically...
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