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  1. Re: ESPN's Olbermann won't host show this week over Penn State tweets

    I tape ESPNFC everyday and always get the first two minutes of his show. I fast forward to the end....
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    Jarrett Johnson retires

    Great Bama representative in the pros
  3. Re: Do we have a new DB coach yet?

    As a Bears fan I'll echo what many have already said. It was a combination of him being overwhelmed as the DC and there was just not talent to coach (pretty much any decent player was hurt). I'm...
  4. Re: Alabama players react live to Ohio State-Oregon in CFP championship

    but the player's grammar leaves a LOT to be desired...smh
  5. Re: LSU has been in Contact with Alabama DC Kirby Smart, Bears DC Mel Tucker About Jo

    <-Bears fan. Have you SEEN our defense the last 2 years?!?!? PLEASE take Mel!
  6. Re: Direct TV is finally going to support WatchEspn

    Yea! My buddy loaned me his Xfinity login that I use for now
  7. Re: OK State AD wants Oregon and N Carolina on schedule

    My niece is an OSU grad so I would love to see that and make them relevant again
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    Re: Brady Hoke Fired By Michigan

    that was the worst kept secret in the world
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    Re: Say Something Good About Mitippi Tate

    The tailgating they do in the outfield at baseball games is pretty cool
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    Re: Tuscaloosa 2nd best town in the SEC?

    Athens has a Bourbon St?
  11. Question: Re: Which do you watch on Saturday morning - SEC Nation or ESPN Gameday??

    Neither. Usually watching whichever English Premier League game is on
  12. News Article: Re: Allman Brothers final live show tonight at the Beacon

    That is one hell of a set!
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    Link: Re: Big game Saturday in B1G country

    I'm just hoping the Eagles don't embarrass themselves. We're getting better, but much like soccer we have a LONG way to go. Glad to hear the game sold out!
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    "Say something nice" threads

    Whatever happened to the "say something nice about (opponent/or their state we are playing)" threads?
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    Re: "Perfect Game" in Saban Era

    NC game against ND was one of the most perfectly called/played games I have ever seen. ND was beat in the tunnel.....
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