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  1. Re: Big Banks Plead Guilty To Market Manipulation, Will Pay $5.8 Billion

    Why do you hate profit? :biggrin2:
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    Re: WWII: European Theater daily - 1944 (was Normandy Daily)

    Memorial Day coming soon , seventy years since the end of the shooting war of WW2, my opinion that this is the best long-running thread since I have been visiting Tidefans, hoping someone who missed...
  3. Link: Re: Roster additions as last day to sign for 2015 nears [5/20/2015]

    Shows what I don't know about basketball recruiting. Thought today is a sort of "drop dead" day. That if you didn't have a signed LOI by end of day, that person could not be a schol player for...
  4. Link: Re: Roster additions as last day to sign for 2015 nears [5/20/2015]

    Nothing on as regards basketball signees today. Wonder if that means we missed on the ones for which we were hoping . . . Was really hoping for White.
  5. Re: New Jersey Approve Measure Outlawing Sex With Animals...

    The DKEs would use their contacts and power - especially those at the Capstone - to squash this sort of law. :smile:
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    Link: Re: post-spring secondary review - Roll Bama Roll

    The first sentence . . . Don't forget that WE gave up 44 to the Barn. Certainly more likely when we hung over half-a-hundred on them, but maybe not the better way to start. :wink:
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    Praise for softballs' tournament streak

    Lost track of the fact we have been to a Super Regional every year since 2005. That is amazing consistency in a very competitive sport.

    Link to story ...
  8. Link: Roster additions as last day to sign for 2015 nears [5/20/2015]

    Link to summary of who we added for the upcoming season from Roll Bama Roll. I'm in the habit of thinking we need bigs; this season may find us needing guards more than bigs. CAJ is gonna earn the...
  9. Re: Seattle Seahawks: Jesse Williams Diagnosed with Cancer & Will Undergo Kidney Surg


    Praying for you Jesse.
  10. Re: *** 2016 DT Kendell Jones Commits to Alabama ***

    To clarify, Kendall Jones is not committed to Alabama, right?

    If not , can someone "fix" the thread title?

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    Link: post-spring secondary review - Roll Bama Roll

    "The talent is there, and now so is the coaching, to make the Alabama secondary as fearsome as its front-seven."

    ". . .and now so the coaching?" Wonder if this fellow knows who was coaching...
  12. Re: UALR graduate transfer forward James White set for Alabama official visit

    ^^ +1. Over 6'6", over 200 lbs . . come on down, James.
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    Re: Favorite players from your childhood

    Tony Nathan to B Sims . .. Loooong childhood. :wink:
  14. Link: Re: Tony Nathan's life to be made into a movie

    Thread from early April. Looks like it may be the same thing
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    Re: Avery Johnson Jr to transfer to Alabama

    Like - Thanks.
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