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  1. Re: Your Mount Rushmore - The Crimson Tide Version

    Frank Thomas, Bear Bryant, Nick Saban, Mal Moore. If you have to add another, Gene Stallings.
  2. Re: American Football vs Rugby..Which Sport Is More Brutal????

    Rugby was a "club sport" at the university I attended. I went to the "new members" meeting. Some friends and I arrived at the meeting in hopes of joining the team. However, the cops broke the...
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    Re: Altee TenPenny in trouble with the law

    I will buy that it is safer than alcohol. This is not from experience, but from pure statistics (at least the statistics we were given in the College of Criminal Justice). Nevertheless, it is...
  4. Re: Favorite Saban Era O and D player...(only one each)

    O- Ingram
    D- McClain/Dareus
  5. Re: Saban elaborates on his position on speed of play...

    I haven't read the previous 4 pages, nor the 25 page epic that preceded this thread. However, I do think Coach Saban frames the issue well. I like what he said about whether football was intended...
  6. Question: Re: Is Calling Coach Bryant 'The Bear" ok with Everyone?

    I almost always refer to him as Coach Bryant as I think that it most accurately reflects the reverence and respect that I have for him.
  7. Re: What Is Your Favorite Alabama Memorabilia?

    I have the 315 win Coke bottle for Coach Bryant. A former boss gave me a polaroid of Coach Bryant taken from the sideline will he was watching pregame at Legion Field. I also have a reprint of the...
  8. Re: Missouri DE Michael Sam comes out the first openly gay NFL prospect.

    Why is this even news...
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    Re: gay marriage ban struck down in virginia

    You tell me. It would be interesting to see if it, indeed, did make a difference.
  10. Re: Dabo says he played with gay players while at Bama, thoughts?

    You are correct. So why do the players coming out and the media covering it make such a big issue about it. Why does sexual orientation even have to be an issue. It would be like Brett Farve...
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    Re: gay marriage ban struck down in virginia

    Wonder if gay individuals would be satisfied if states offered all the benefits of marriage, meaning a perfect mirror image, without using the term "marriage" in order to distinguish between a union...
  12. Re: Dabo says he played with gay players while at Bama, thoughts?

    I have never understood why players feel the need to "come out". Of course, this is the same generation that has been so absorbed with the facebook "selfie". Tells you a lot about the mindset when...
  13. News Article: Re: Ex-Kentucky QB Jared Lorenzen is 320 pounds and still playing-sds

    I had the opportunity to watch him play arena football against my hometown team, East Kentucky Drillers. I have seen JVHS offensive lineman (burger eaters as we call them) in better shape. He can...
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    Re: Snow in Bryant Denny Stadium

    We have had more snow than usual here. We have went a grand total of 6 days of school so far in January. Have had wind chills of -25 and temps of -5. It is a good thing that I like winter...
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    Link: Re: Gus to the Cleveland Browns? (Seriously)

    Oh my, I'm speechless. Funniest thing I have heard all day!
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