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  1. Re: Fall Sale on Fanatics gear! (20% off) | Ends Monday 11:59pm

    Are you a British or Canadian Bama fan living on the Florida coast? I'll bet there aren't many of those.
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    Re: Duke Williams kicked off the team

    We'll never know I assume, but the things you'd have to do with that talent to have Gus Malzahn kick you off must be staggering. Like selling a bald eagle on eBay to a booster in return for illegal...
  3. JessN: Re: Georgia wrap-up: Dawgs had the bark, Alabama had the bite

    Awesome writeup sir.

    Seems possible the offensive identity you were concerned about vs ULM was being held back. Coaches trying to see if they could execute plays outside the comfort zone. Thoughts?
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains"

    It's always a hilarious conversation, talking to barners who have changed, sold, and re-bought season tickets like it's nothing. Many truly don't realize how laughably impossible that is with Tide...
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    Re: Offense out of sync ....

    I told my seat mates thus D is awesome, and I'd be fine with a return to the Stallings days (we score few, they always score fewer). However those defenses had so much more chance of creating...
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    Re: Who Is Going To The ULM vs Alabama Game

    Darn sure I and my family will be there. My 13 yo son wouldn't leave until 00:00 last week, sleep be darned. I've heard people who know say this team is ticked! Bring on the October schedule and...
  7. Re: Totally On Target Sports Illustrated Analysis Of The Ole Miss "Lucky Touchdown"

    OK, so back to the title of the thread...
    It was ridiculously lucky, but when I rewatched it I noticed that yet again the coverage man (#29 MF I think it was) had his back turned and no idea where...
  8. Re: To all the fans that left early......thanks for nothing!

    SIAP, but I've read at least one player tweet complaining about the fans leaving early. They notice and do care. If you leave early I agree it's your right, and I'd rather have all young'ns, elderly...
  9. Re: The one series in game that most frustrates me ...

    Tyler Watts in the postgame said Coker could've dumped the ball, but for some reason sometimes in an emergency he tries the deep receiver. Sometimes you chuck it past your last receiver so either he...
  10. JessN: Re: Ole Miss wrap-up: Turnovers, QB play hurt, but poor defense finished off the Tide

    I think to an extent that may be true. All you can do is (a) complain to your conference, (b) slow them down better than other teams, (c) execute the same violations yourself, until they're enforced,...
  11. JessN: Re: Ole Miss wrap-up: Turnovers, QB play hurt, but poor defense finished off the Tide

    I'm optimistic. The team chemistry took off in the 2nd half. Saban isn't an idiot and will play Coker. I believe we had zone reads called for CB and as Phil Savage and I were saying if he'd just keep...
  12. Re: To all the fans that left early......thanks for nothing!

    Sure you have the right to leave. But as a fan who wants to see the team win I'm asking you to please not let our players watch fans quit if you can help it.
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    Re: Plain Trouble on "Da Plains"

    Yeah, no one's touched on that. Who do you think was in charge of the players on that offense, both on and off the field, in those years? Do you think it was the strong leader Gene Chizik? I doubt...
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    Re: Current Road Construction/Stadium Access

    Yep, they're doing major bridge work around Mile 79 (Cottondale Exit). It's the same two lanes it always was, but somehow people can never drive in their lane at the same speed with neat big machines...
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    Re: So ... Quarterbacks

    What does "Take the Bull by the Horns" mean? To me it implies that you're not trying at something so you need to try harder. I think the problem with a QB is the ability to read 2-4 routes, dance...
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