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    Poll: Re: Most memorable win over Georgia

    1994. Mainly because I was there. At the time it was the loudest game I'd ever attended. I remember how obnoxious the UGA fans were before the game. They had a little different attitude after.
  2. Re: *** 2016 S Shawn Jennings Commits to Bama ***

  3. Re: Transgendered Teen upset that other boys won't flirt with him....

    That boy's parents need to be horse whipped.
  4. Re: The "real" reason Amazon out sells Walmart.....

    I'm Ron Burgandy?
  5. News Article: Re: 2015 RB Xavian Marks Joins the Football Team

    Maybe a Trindon Holliday type kick returner?
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    Link: Re: Cowherd gone from ESPN

    If he were a cross-dresser ESPN would probably have given him a promotion.
  7. News Article: Re: Scarb: If Muschamp's the Best Defensive Mind in Football, What Does that Make Kif

    Gus also thinks his wife, Kristi, is the classiest woman in the world, so...
  8. Question: Re: How Much Do You See the Offense Changing This Year?

    Lane Kiffin will make Kenyan Drake a lot of money this year. Dark horse Heisman candidate.
  9. Re: 2015 SEC Media Days Thread (July 13 - July 16)

    Auburn is about 10 years behind with that big scoreboard. Is that even a thing anymore?
  10. Re: Jonathan Cook Enrolls at Garden City Community College, Hopes Alabama Rival Calls

    Since he obviously has issues serious enough to kick him off the team, I hope he goes to one of our rivals too.
  11. Re: FSU QB De'Andre Johnson suspended indefinitely; source says he punched woman

    He should've walked away and then had her arrested for assault. They both seem like such classy individuals.
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    Link: Re: SECís current 5-star players

    It all starts with recruiting. You can't make chicken salad out of... Nevermind.

    So Bama has more 5*s than the next two teams, Georgia and Texas A&M, combined. And Bama as many 5*s as Auburn, LSU,...
  13. Re: 2016 DT Quinnen Williams (Wenonah, AL HS) Updates

    I know there were a couple during our probation years, but you rarely hear a guy say he grew up a Bama fan, but is going to Auburn because it's the best place for him and his family.
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    Link: Re: Kirby Smart Reflects on Ohio State Loss

    Alabama loses games so infrequently lately that when they do lose, every aspect of the game is magnified and analyzed to death. Then we read things like, "Is the Bama dynasty over?" Come on, guys. We...
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    Re: Celebrate America

    For the first time in my life, I'm just not feeling it. Sorry.
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