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  1. Re: 4yr old banned from donut shop for asking "pleasantly plump" lady if she was preg

    Sounds to me like the manager needs to be banned from the donut shop... permanently
  2. Link: Re: Stoops tired of Bama's Sugar Bowl excuses.

    Both sides just need to shut up and move on here. For us, we should have played better and shown up mentally, but even if we had I don't know that we would have won that night. Oklahoma played lights...
  3. Re: Egypt: "Anal Jihad" Now Sanctioned By Muslim Brotherhood
  4. Re: SEC Pre(dicition) Season: Mississippi State

    Mittittippi Tate will probably be the popular dark horse pick to compete in the West this year, but I'm still not buying it. They'll have the talent to stay competitive in pretty much all of their...
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    Re: Who has been our most talented Tider ?

    So, is it safe to assume that Spencer Pennington won't get many votes? :wink:
  6. Re: Florida Jury Awards Widow $23 Billion From Tobacco Company

    So, you're telling me that this guy died In '96, and she filed in 2008? If it was a suit filed in grief then it might be different. The time frame alone is a sure sign that she is a gold digger doing...
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    Re: Mark Richt is a good man

    What I'm observing here is that there really isn't much middle ground when it comes to Richt, people either seem to love him or hate him for some reason. Personally, I have a lot of respect for him...
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    Re: SEC Pre(diction) Season: Texas A&M

    I like aTm to beat South Carolina to open the season depending on the level of quarterback play. Kyle Allen has the potential to be one of the best young quarterbacks in the country, and he will have...
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    Re: SEC Pre(diction) Season: Vandy

    I really have nothing further to add on this season's summary as it was very comprehensive. I will say though that I think Vandy is in fantastic hands with Mason. Give him about 3-4 years, and I...
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    Re: SEC Pre(diction) Season: Arkansas

    Great threads WMack! Looking forward to all of them.

    I doubt the Hogs will win much more than 5-6 games, and I would say they are a long shot at best to make it to a bowl game. I think their...
  11. Re: Michelle O declares war on Chick-Fil-A - school lunches that is

    I loved the articles title for her. "The First Lunchlady, " just classic. I appreciate the concern about the health of the children, but they take it way over the top. Just ridiculous
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    Re: Need some help selling a car

    As a former carmax sales consultant I can actually answer that question. They do have very set standards for what they will sell on the lot. 10 years and 10 miles used to be the standard that they...
  13. Re: Garth Brooks "comeback" tour. Anyone care? Will it be a success or a flop?

    The issue with the Ireland tour was that the promoter signed on Brooks to play 3 shows initially. Then tickets sold so fast that the promoter added two more shows to accommodate the number of folks....
  14. Re: Calvin Ridley's one handed catch at the Opening

    Wow! That is freaking fantastic. What a grab, and what speed. If he keeps making plays like that, he won't be a 4 star much longer.
  15. Question: Re: So, how do you feel about a 4 team playoff now?

    That's assuming though that they actually select the top 4 teams each year, and that also assumes that they will allow two teams from one conference in. We'll have to see if that transpires, but if...
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